How To Make The Right Choice When Choosing A Woman To Marry

Marriage is totally different from dating. It is a relationship that is supposed to last for a lifetime, as a man before you decide to get into it, there are factors to consider when choosing a wife to marry.  And before making the right choice on whom to marry, you should have to be sure enough about your decisions to marrry and know if you are ready for marriage.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that what works in a dating relationship will also work in marriage, that is absolutely wrong. There are characters that a woman can hide during the time you are dating her but once you get married, you begin to notice a total difference in who she used to be before you got married to her. 

Making the right choice when choosing a woman to marry is something every man who wants to have a long lasting marriage should be careful of before venturing into marriage. No one is to  make that choice for you, it is you who knows what is best for you. Because when you allow another person to choose for you who to marry, it means you totally have accepted to leave your happiness and peace of mind in the hands of that person. 

You are the one who is going to start a family with that person who you are going to choose for yourself, so it is expected that you do not allow anyone to impose a woman on you for marriage. 


Before you enter into a relationship with a woman you have to first be attracted to her. It is the attraction that will make you want to get to know her or have something to do with her. 

You should check within yourself if you are attracted to her, if she is also attracted to you, and if the attraction is such that it can last. Because attraction can fade or increase when you get to know someone better. 

Know why you are attracted to her and if the reason for your attraction to her can continue in the long run of the relationship.


Marriage is too long to have misunderstandings at all times. Before committing to that woman you want to marry, make sure she shares the same values with you. Let it be that she places value on the things that matter to you. 

There is no way you are a christain and the woman you want to marry is a muslim or has her belief in another religion totally different from yours, or even you might be religious but your partner is not. This will definitely bring problems in the long run of the marriage. Be sure to know and let her know your belief of things, so you can avoid issues later in life.

The world is going in a certain way now, where some women want to have equal rights to everything with men, also know her take on this. In marriage one person must submit to the other, there can not be two captains in a boat. You should know how she sees marriage and what it means to her, by this you will understand if she is the best woman for you to marry.

Intelligence And Education Level

Beauty will definitely fade away but someone who is intelligent and has a good education level will always have what they have. Intelligence and education is one of the factors to consider when choosing a wife to marry. You do not want to marry a woman who will become a liability to you. A man who is ready for marriage would choose a partner who will help him grow. A less educated woman may not be able to be that woman you need. 

Choosing a wife who is educated will help you have a partner who can be of great help to you and your business. You should be able to marry a wife who you can be able to bring out when men of class are gathered, not a wife who can not fit into the class of people you relate with, a wife who can only be seen at home because that will save you the embarrassment of people know her level of intelligence and education.

There are still women who are not that schooled but are ready to learn and are doing well for themselves, and can be called out to represent anywhere. Know exactly what you want and be sure to check if she fits into it. 


Is her kind of work what you want your wife and the mother of your kids to be doing? What is her perception about her work? Is she the kind of lady who has her work as her number one priority? These and more are questions you should ask before choosing the best woman you should marry. 

You should be sure her work does not come first before any other thing. Be sure to be comfortable with the kind of work she does, because you are going to start a family with her. You would not want to end up with a woman who has a job that does not allow her to be around her family, thereby leaving her family in the hands of maids or housekeepers.

Also, the woman you are about to marry should be one who is comfortable with your career, someone that will be able to support you in what you are doing. You should be able to know how she feels about your career, this will help you know if you both can live happily as a couple and support each other’s goals.


That you love her does not mean you guys are compatible. One of the important factors to consider when choosing a wife is your compatibility level. 

You can be so much in love with a lady but still you both do not agree on a lot of things. When you do not agree on almost everything then you two can not be a couple. Because for you to be a couple you should be able to exist together without having problems.

Your opinions and interests should be the same. This will help you both to build a strong and lasting relationship. A place where everyone has a different opinion of things and wants things to be done their own way, achievement is hard there.

Less Dramatic

There are men who love dramatic ladies but sincerely, drama is not what you need in marriage because it is a long term relationship. You do not need a woman who does not know how to control her emotions when things are not going right. 

She is nice but when she is angry she tends to spoil things, that is not the kind of person you should make your wife.


Trust is a vital thing in every relationship. You should not start the journey of marriage with  someone who you do not trust. In marriage you  need someone who is dependable, someone who you can rely on to be honest and truthful. 

Marriage is an involvement of two people who have trust for each other. People who can rely on each other when things are good or bad. If your partner is trustworthy then you definitely do not have anything to worry about.

The best woman for you to marry is that woman who you can trust and also that woman that trusts you. A lot of people want to be trusted but they find it difficult to trust others, that is not the kind of woman you would want to spend the rest of your life with. 


Connection helps to create that bond between two people. A factor to consider when choosing a wife is the connection you have with that person. 

There should be a connection between you two, something that makes you feel like you two share things in common, a feeling of having to understand each other’s experiences. A feeling that comes together to create a bond between you.


Men love to be respected. A woman who does not respect you will definitely make a bad wife. When choosing a wife to marry, she should be a woman who holds you in high respect even when you  are not present. A woman who would be very careful with her words when talking to you no matter how upset she is.

A man who is respected by her wife will always come out shoulders high among his mates. But if you have a disrespectful wife, it will not only affect you, it will also affect your family and friends. Your house will be a place where family and friends will not want to visit because they don’t want to be insulted.


Sex is something that is very applicable in marriage. There is no how you can start the journey of marriage with a woman who does not satisfy you sexual. If you do, then it means you have already planned to become a cheating husband. 

Your sexual satisfaction is important when choosing a woman to marry. She must be that person who makes you yearn for her body and the feelings it brings to you. She must be someone you are sexually attracted to, someone you enjoy having around you. Sex helps to ensure that the relationship bond is strong.


The journey of marriage is one that should be carefully planned in order not to have regrets in the long run. Marriage is to be enjoyed, that can happen if you make the right choice when choosing a woman to marry.