How to Win Her Over on First Date

How to impress a girl on date? And how do you win her over so much that she wants to go out with you again? Let’s face it. Many men mistakenly believe that if a girl agrees to go on a date with them, they already have the key to her heart. That’s not true. In fact, your first date is just an opportunity for you to prove your masculinity to her.

To move to the next stage where she falls in love with you, you must impress your woman and provide her with as many positive emotions as possible that day. 

How should it be done? 

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to impress a girl on date to the point where she wants to see you again. Whether it’s your first time going on a date with a girl or not, this article will help you. So pay attention.

Here is how to win over a girl on first date

Wear nothing irritating 

Before you start thinking about the romantic things to say on a first date, you have to first get your appearance in order. If you want to impress a girl on your first date, avoid wearing anything too irritating. 

Display your masculinity by wearing clothes that catch her attention. If you have a good suit, wear it. Men in suits are perceived to be successful and wealthy. At least, that’s what most women believe. 

And if you don’t have a suit, wear something nice on your first date. When girls meet a man, they look for neatness, accuracy, and grooming. You don’t have to be rich to look good.

To make a good impression on a girl, you should do the following:

– Clean your body, hair, and nails. Uncut nails and dirt under them are so disgusting that the first date can only become the last one because of this.

– Have a pleasant smell. Do not pour perfume all over your body, but a light, subtle note of aroma will make you attractive.

Your clothes may not be new, but they must be clean and ironed, even if it is a T-shirt and jeans. Wrinkled clothes give the impression of untidiness. And ensure you put on good shoes.

One more thing. It’s a good idea to bring a shoe sponge with you. There’s a chance your shoes will get dirty, which will ruin the overall impression. 

By the way, some people believe that women always judge a man by his shoes. You can turn around and walk back if you show up to a date wearing the old sneakers you usually run with in the morning.

Select a good location 

It is preferable to take the girl to a restaurant or cafe. A romantic setting will encourage pleasant communication, gourmet dishes will lift your spirits, and light alcoholic beverages will allow you to unwind and get to know each other better.

If you take a girl to the movies, there is a chance she will dislike the film. A walk in the park for the first meeting is not perfect. Extreme entertainment, in particular, will not be appreciated by all ladies. 

As a result, a restaurant or a cafe is the best option. You should not meet in a noisy location. Instead, choose a cozy and quiet location where you will feel comfortable talking.

Be punctual

It is important to correctly calculate the time and arrive first when going on a date (ideally 15 minutes before the appointed time). Being late on a man’s part is unforgivable.

This is true not only for the first date but for all dates. If the girl arrives earlier and has to wait for you, her mood and impression will already be ruined (even if she does not show it). 

And another man may take a chance to talk to her while she’s waiting for you to show up. I’m sure you don’t want that to open, right? So be punctual on your first date so you don’t lose her to another man.

Compliment her

It’s no surprise that women love with their ears. Yes, women simply love being complimented, but even at that, it must be done with caution. 

Compliments like “You are beautiful today” will most likely be ignored by your companion. The same is true for “acted” compliments like “with you, I feel like I’m in paradise” or “next to you, my heart melts.”

She’s heard such compliments many times from other guys. Say something different. Make her see that you’re not one of those guys she has met.

So, it is preferable if what you say refers to any aspects of her appearance and image. “You have very graceful hands,” “I love how playfully this strand of your hair is knocked out,” and so on. Those are the romantic things to say on a first date.

Also keep in mind that, if you really want to win a girl’s heart, never, ever compare her to other women, even in a positive way. Don’t even bring them up! There is only one lady for you on the first date, and she sits opposite you.

Have a sense of humor

Being an interesting conversationalist is one of the most effective ways to please. The first date is a somewhat stressful event for both parties, as it is associated with excitement, insecurity, and internal fears, which can result in awkward silence during communication.

As a man, you must be prepared to fill these silences with a good joke, a compliment, or proposing a new topic of conversation. 

So, before going on a date, consider topics that will be of interest to the girl, and create a “blank” list of questions that you can ask her. And keep a few anecdotes and funny stories on hand to diversify communication and defuse the situation.

Be generous 

Women really like generous men, even if they claim that “money is not the most important thing to them.” Women simply melt when a man is willing to spend without counting every penny! Trust me!

Most importantly, don’t spend beyond your capacity. That’s why it’s good you order drinks or foods you can afford. And in case the bill appears to be too big for you, don’t show it. Here’s why…

If a lady notices that you are surprised, shocked, or even upset, the evening is likely over, and you should not expect a second date.

Make a pleasant surprise

However, this will be the “final blow” in winning the girl’s heart! Pretend you need to leave for a moment and then return to her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or one elegant rose. 

Every girl loves a surprise, so believe me when I say she will appreciate such a seemingly insignificant and simple gesture.

In Conclusion

Now you’ve learned how to impress a girl on date. What’s next? Ask her to take a selfie with you at the end of the day. If she agrees, that’s all we need to know – she’s yours! Just don’t post photos on social media the same day and change your marital status to “have a girlfriend.” Be patient and don’t be desperate. Trust me, she will be the one to tell all her friends that she now has a new cool boyfriend. Enjoy!