Important Sex Topics You and Your Partner Must Discuss

Discussing sex with your partner is one of the most difficult yet important topics to have for a successful relationship. As awkward as it sounds, discussing sex with your partner will go a long way in helping you both communicate efficiently, understand the sexual life of each other, your sexual fantasies, and what have you.

You both can’t wait to go under the sheets right? Well, for a pleasurable experience here are some sex topics you and your partner must discuss for more mind-blowing passionate experience under the sheets and lesser awkward moments let’s take a look…

7 Sex Topics You and Your Partner Must Discuss 

1. Sexual Health

Yeah I know things just got intensified, your sexual urges need to be satisfied… Well, sexually transmitted infections and diseases are also as important. You already know what trauma it brings and I’m sure you both are not ready to experience it or are you?. I’m sure not so for the safety of you both share your sexual health history. It is very important.  

2. Sexual Commitment

this topic is usually sidelined by couples, which is why we included it in our 7 Sex Topics You and Your Partner Must Discuss. Yeah! Most people assume it is just us in the relationship, what’s the essence of asking about commitment. Well, not everyone is monogamous when it comes to sex. Some people prefer to have it with more than one partner, plus are you even sure the person has decided to be fully committed in a relationship with you? 

3. Sexual Desires And Boundaries

 Getting a no in bed with your partner can be a lot to deal with so, in order to avoid it and the awkwardness that comes with it, it is important you discuss with your partner what your sexual desires are as well as your boundaries. Yes because for instance, your partner might not fancy anal sex, oral sex, etc. while you do or vice versa… Finding out what you both prefer will land you both a pleasurable experience under the sheets if this sex topic is discussed properly.

4. What Puts You In The Mood What Does Not

As uncomfortable and awkward as this sounds, you don’t want to do something that will automatically put your partner off the mood right? You don’t want to skip foreplay and find your girl is no longer in the mood neither do you want to all in the mood and have you man say I’ll pass? I’m sure no, this is why this sex topic should be discussed so you understand perfectly how your partner’s preferences works, how they digest things, and what gets them just right in the mood.

5. Sex Frequency And Drive

Now, this is as important as what you can think off, you don’t want to under satisfy your partner that won’t be nice. Most people are sex freaks while some others are not and if you want to keep a sex freak faithful you need to satisfy him/her with sex right? This is why you need to discuss this sex topic with your partner. Just so things don’t go south find out at what frequency him/her loves to have sex, at what speed, and at what times, compare with yours settle if a compromise can be made or not and that’s it.

6. What’s Your Definition Of Sex

Now while you see sex as a form of commitment, share of emotion and intimacy while your partner might not which is why this sex topic is as important. Ask to know what he/she sees sex as, so you won’t be taken unaware when you find out what you thought is not what it is.

7. Talk About Safe Sex And Contraceptives

This sex topic allows you and your partner to spill your minds on what to expect before and after sex. For example, if your partner is not going to be faithful to just you, it is important you both talk about using condoms during sex same applies to the use of contraceptives if you guys want to avoid pregnancy.

In Conclusion

No matter if you and your partner just met or you’ve has been together for years discussing these 7 sex topics will go a long way in enhancing your sex experience during sex. Though they may appear awkward or perhaps difficult, having them has a way of letting you understand your partner fully and that’s what you want too right? Then go ahead and have it.


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