Interesting Topics To Talk About With A Girl

Did you just meet the girl of your dreams, or is there this beautiful girl you like but, you feel shy talking to her especially because you want to make a great first impression, or maybe you just haven’t figured out how to talk to her yet.

Well, knowing what and what to talk about with a girl can be a whole lot of headache. I accept, especially because you have to make sure she doesn’t get bored, tired, and exhausted from your discussions, and argh that’s a lot to deal with.

However, a man got to do what a man got to do, and since it takes practice to master the art of conversation, these interesting topics to talk about with a girl will definitely come in handy.

Let’s get down with it…

12 Interesting Topics To Talk About With A Girl

1. Compliment Her

Compliments are one of the best ways to start up a discussion with a girl, comments like “You have a cute smile”, “Oh! Can’t help but notice your dimples”, “nice shoes”, “Cute low-cut you here there” goes a long way in making one smile. Everyone loves to be told they look good or smell good, you do too, and you can use any of these to your advantage. Immediately your compliment has been acknowledged, keep the conversation flowing.

2. The Environment

A popular saying goes thus. “Use what you have to get what you want”, commenting on the events around you both at the moment is one killer way to get her talking but you must pay attention to details. Before we continue where are you both going to meet? In the Church? Class? Office? Bookstore? Cafe? On a job assignment? At the airport? in the Supermarket? etc.

There is always something to say or comment on about a place let’s say, for instance, if you met at the store, you can offer to her buy a cookie, thereafter you talk about the flavor, the crunchiness, the brand, etc… You can offer to help her with her cart, walk her or even pay her bills you know just pick up an idea and start from there.

3. Hobbies And Interests

Now, this is one very interesting topic to talk about with a girl, yes because it gets her to talk and talk and that’s what you want right? Start with asking her about the things she likes to do for fun, see if you both have anything in common great, if not listen to her and compliment her gradually the table to turn over to her asking yours, Just like the did speak about yours with passion. For example, any of your hobbies can include watching football you both can get talking about the different teams, players, clubs, most valuable players, and etc.

4. Movies

Now, this topic already sounds interesting don’t you think? Start by asking if she’s a movie lover then genres she loves best, like Sci-fi, Horror, Action, Comedy, Fiction, Musical, Western &, etc. Ask about the recent movie she has seen, her favorite part of the movie you know… talk about her favorite actor, most especially if she mentions a movie you both have seen… You can even ask to know the new releases she looks forward to seeing, store them in your head and that right there can be the link to another meeting…

Clever Right? Yeah, you got it.

5. Books

Surveys have consistently shown that women read more books than men, especially fiction and comics. Ask her about the last book she read, she will definitely love to share stories, lessons, and ideas from these books with you. If peradventure you are a reader too, share the ones you’ve read with her as well and you both can talk about your favorite authors, why you will recommend some of the books you’ve read to someone else, etc.

6. Music

Music has a strong effect on emotions. It creates an understanding that goes beyond words, music helps create the emotional conditions for soul expansion – it makes you calm, happy, and serene. However, you shouldn’t jump right into sharing your playlist with her that’s a temptation, ask her the kind of music she’s into, that’s a good way to start a conversation, try to find out why she likes that genre of music and maybe her favorite artist, find a way to talk about your kind of music too and boom… you both are having a pleasant conversation. 

7. Politics

You have to be careful here though, not everyone likes to talk politics most especially if they perceive it’s not a safe environment. This is very risky yet can be used, don’t come off too strong when talking about this, instead, all her air her views out then share yours, be willing to compromise in the conversation, and don’t be too certain about things, you both can use google to confirm facts.

8. Social Media

There are more than 3.6 billion people are using social media, with lots of stories, gist, and much more information.  You both can start off a conversation here, talk about the trending gist, how well you use your social media accounts, difficulties, success, and exploits.

9. Ask Random Questions

You have to be careful here as some topics can be off-limit. You can start by asking what she thinks about “The Educational System”, Love, Relationship, and Life generally. You get to hear her views about these things and also know how she thinks. You also get to share your only ideas and boom… You have yourself a warm conversation’

10. Dreams And Aspirations

Dreams are people’s cherished ambitions and everybody loves to talk about there’s but this topic will yield you two results actually, let’s say you ask her and she goes on and on to talk about something you totally cannot relate with, you’ll be bored right but then you’ll just have to keep listening and maybe pretend you grab. That’s it but if fortunately for you she gets to speak freely about her very interesting dream that you can relate with that’s an interesting topic to about with a girl

11. Experience

John Keats said, “Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.” Experience is the best teacher, you can never tell or know what someone has been through unless you get around to talking about it, and that’s a good interesting topic to talk about with a girl, for example, talk about topics like “First Love, First time leaving home” “The first time she lost a game”  and etc.

Talking about one’s experience does something to someone, everyone has a story and it’s worth telling no matter the stage/ platforms you’re on.

12. Tell Her A Story

Storytelling isn’t something you only use in business, it’s also a good interesting topic to talk about with a girl. Tell a story about your birth, everyone has a funny story they were told about how they were given birth to by their parents, share this and let her smile, you can also bring up stories about childhood, love, happiness you stories that can let you both laugh, and be merry.


Yo! You have it 12 Interesting Topics To Talk About With A Girl, so if you just met a girl you love and you are looking at having conservation any of these topics is a great way to start.



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