Kayaking In New York City

The hot temperature times, spring and summer, are the best times for fun outdoor activities. What better way to enjoy it than engage in a recreational, fun, and at the same time exercising activity in the hearts of Gotham City? Kayaking is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors, have a view of the mountains and forests.

With the beautiful scenery of New York City, it is home to some of the best places to go kayaking either as an individual or a group. Kayaking is an activity for all and no experience whatsoever is needed to enjoy it. As a visitor in the city also, it is highly suggested to try it out. One could have this awesome experience and spread the good news with loved ones. To make it easy, I have compiled a list of the best-recommended places to go kayaking in New York City.

Best places for kayaking in New York City


1. The Downtown Boathouse

This is located in Manhattan; located off West St, between Hubert St and N Moore St. It is a volunteer-run organization aimed at providing New Yorkers with additional recreational opportunities. Kayaking here is offered freely throughout summer at Pier 26 and Governors Island. Their staff would provide instructions and necessary safety equipment. It is rarely busy in the mornings so you can paddle for as long as you want. Paddling here would avail you great views such as the great Statue of Liberty and New York Skyline as well. Again, it is advisable to go early as there could be people waiting in line to also go kayaking.

2. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Located in Brooklyn, this offers quite a number of convenient kayaking in New York City. Having a developed park, the Brooklyn Bridge Park creates such a serene atmosphere to have a feel of the river. An interesting thing about this Boathouse is it is an excellent choice for families looking to go out for an adventure since specific days are set aside for children and family sessions. The park brings out its kayaks as well for visitors to experience the fun of kayaking. It is free too and gives you an awe-inspiring view of the Skyline.

3. Beaver Lake Nature Center

This nature preserve is another great spot to try out Kayaking for the first time and enjoy the wonders of nature. Located four miles west of Baldwinsville, this facility is supposed to avail visitors the opportunity to enjoy a variety of outdoor experiences, kayaking inclusive. Kayak rentals are $10 per hour and it’s on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are a birder, this is a spot you would not regret visiting as it is one of the best places for kayaking in New York City.

4. Cold Spring

If you have ever wanted to go kayaking either as a first-timer or to relive past experiences, this is one place to enjoy kayaking in New York City. Situated in the Hudson Highlands, this village sits at the deepest point of the Hudson River. Kayaking here, there is an opportunity to paddle through Constitution Marsh to view an impressive waterfall and the historic Bannerman Castle on Pollepel Island. Tours are offered but not all are free. The costs vary depending on the number of hours. There is lunch included for longer trips as well. Considering the scenery, tours, and knowledge to be gained from visiting this spot, kayaking would make an exciting trip for the family.

Hudson River

Now, this list would be incomplete without the Hudson River. Located in Manhattan, this park offers a range of kayaking experiences. If you are bored, have so much time on your hands, and would want to do something out of the ordinary, going Kayaking at the Hudson River Park is a wonderful choice. There are free tours. There are also tour guides for the first-timers. With the views of the Empire State Building from Midtown and the Statue of Liberty, it sure would be a thrilling adventure.

When one decides to go kayaking in New York City, there are essentials to take with you. Never forget to pack a pair of sunglasses, a hat to shield you a bit from the sun, and water to keep you hydrated. This makes your adventure a thoroughly enjoyable one. So, whenever the need arises to relax and unwind in NYC, these are kayaking places to give you a memorable experience.