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10 beautiful Lakes of USA

The USA is very rich in outstanding natural and man-made lakes. Those living close to these beautiful lakes certainly enjoy the freshness that comes with them. But unfortunately, some people don’t

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Stolen: Episode 2

STOLEN Episode 2 Sydney had been thankful he had to contend with the chills and fever alone as he was nearly run over by the guy in the Landrover LR4,

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Stolen: Episode 11

STOLEN Episode 11 Mrs Chiazoka came forward and pulled up Harold’s T-shirt, nodded excitedly and then proceeded to check behind Harold’s pinna and then she exclaimed, my love come and

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 CHUKWUEMEKA Episode 8 It took a combined effort of the two Okolo brothers to calm Nkolika Mama’s last Child down. While everything was calm, they held prayer session upon

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Healthy Living


CHUKWUEMEKA Episode 2 At the NYSC Zonal office Ikeja, Corps member Chidimma had just concluded her CDS meeting for that week and was asked to wait behind by Mrs Adebanjo.

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The Border Town: Chapter Two

Chapter Two Ese couldn’t believe her eyes. She had to be dreaming. Her husband’s flesh felt cold. Shivers ran down her spine. She shook him again. It was their fifth

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