Romantic Dates Ideas

Regular romantic dates are good for any relationship whether new or old. They sweeten your relationship and further helps you build intimacy in your relationship. Looking to spice up your relationship with a sprinkle of romance on your next outing?

Well, Tadaa!

We got you always, we are aware that going out on a romantic date with your partner is something you should be well prepared for, which is why we carefully wrote out 15 different creative romantic date ideas for fun, unique dates that will help spice up your relationship. 

Dates, when properly and carefully planned brings and leaves great memories, gives your partner a sense of belonging, and overall leaves everyone hungry for more… 

Here is a well thought after comprehensive list of our favorite date ideas, for every kind of couple… Enjoy.

15 Creative Romantic Dates Ideas

1. Dinner date

As common as it is, dinner dates still leave your spouse with an impression that you care and that you are romantic. Plan a creative night dinner date with your partner in your house or by simply going out. For instance, instead of the whole meal that you both would have taken, you can prepare a 3- course meal for you both, or you can make it a Pizza-night something, or take your partner out to a 5-star restaurant all dressed up and looking great.

2. Lunch date

Lunch dates aren’t common, unlike dinner dates that why it is a romantic idea. Give your partner an unexpected call, invite them out and have lunch with them, you can even purchase the food take it to their office and surprise them, in a case where location is a barrier, you both can eat lunch over a video call… Romantic isn’t it? The goal is to surprise your partner and he/her to feel loved.

3. Cooking date

Hell yes, you can your partner can cook together and yes it is a super romantic date idea that will leave you laughing your heart out or better still jaw dropped. You can choose a particular day of the week to go on this date with your partner,  you both will get to cook what to eat side by side or challenge each other to come up with the tastiest food. You both can play around with the ingredients, crack jokes and even exchange stories while cooking.

 4. Painting Date

Painting has been said to be stressful, however, when done with babe it is definitely a romantic idea with memory painted on the wall. You and your partner can attend painting events or maybe set aside a day to repaint the house. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

5. Cinema Date

Not all couples find watching movies interesting actually, but one thing to know is watching movies with your partner is actually a creative romantic idea especially when you opt for romantic movies. Walk in hand by hand with boo, enjoy those scenes, and have them create romantic ideas in your head on how to spice up your relationship. Still don’t like the idea of a Cinema… Netflix to the rescue… you and your partner can preferably Netflix and chill at home and see all those interesting movies side by side.

 6. Visit An Art Gallery

A visit to the art gallery is definitely a cute date idea. You get to see different arts, hear the stories behind their ideas, and lots more, fun isn’t it? Well, there’s another catch it is totally inexperience unless you go as far as buying which is also cute because it comes along with a memory…  All you need to do is dress up, and visit the art gallery mall near you.

7. Walk Date

Let’s take a brief stop from dressing all up or the extravagancies and take a long walk with you and your partner, hand in hand, having fun staring and gazing at each other. You can take a tour to the factory down the road, to a new neighborhood or better still to no destination…

8. Sport Date

How fun it is to watch your partner’s favorite sports alongside him/her. Some ladies out there leave their men to watch football alone, that is not really a good idea you know, research shows that men find it a lot more romantic when their partner can sit with them to watch their favorite sports team play. maybe, your question is what if I don’t know much about football? Well, you can ask him about it, he will definitely love the fact that you showed interest and won’t hesitate to tell you more about it.

 9. Attend Concerts

Do you know that attending concerts is not just for you and your friends alone, you can go actually attend just you and babe and have the most of enjoyment with each other. Surprise your partner with this romantic date idea, gift them a ticket to their favorite artist concert, attend with them and have fun. 

 10. Travel Date

Road trips aren’t only taken in December or at the end of the year, it can be planned out as a romantic date just for you and your partner traveling to a specific location of choice to meet new people, and enjoy the feel of another environment. 

 11. Picnic

This romantic date idea will let you enjoy the outdoor experience all loved up with boo. There is nothing as romantic as picking your favorite food and beverages, spreading a piece of blanket on the field, and enjoying the environment together.  This romantic idea will let you and your partner relax while having a good chat.

12. Karaoke Date

Make you and your date a star by visiting a karaoke bar anytime soon. Karaoke’s are fun, especially when done with a partner, you and your partner can try out singing your best songs. Fun right! I can’t agree less, find a private karaoke bar around you and go catch some fun, you and babe.

13. Party

Have you ever thought about going to a party together with your partner in form of a date? Well, do now, because yes, you both can enjoy each other’s company 100% even in the presence of a lot of people unless of course, it’s not your thing. Think about the loud music, the vibe, the energy… Or better still organize a small home party, invite some friends and have fun all of you.

14. Weekend Date

By this a mean spending the whole weekend just you and your partner enjoying each other’s company. You both can totally unplug yourselves from the world, and just even some alone time telling stories, making meals, reading a novel, or having sex mmmmh… 

15. Beach Date

Let’s not leave out a visit to the beach, watching and listening to the sound of the water while in the arms of your partner. Sweet and chilly right? Jump on it and catch the whole fun with babe. 


Having a creative romantic date with your partner is very possible just that it must be intentionally planned and carried out. Having a planned out date helps foster your relationship and helps keep your love aglow. Try out any one of these ideas and don’t forget to let us know how your partner reacted to this idea in the comment section. Goodluck