Sex And Relationship

Sex is intimacy between two people who are in love with each other and also have a relationship going. Yes, there are still people who have sex for fun and not because they have any feelings for the person they are having sex with. But still, in the right sense, sex should be something one shares with someone you love. Because in having sex, you build a connection with your partner. Also, it is a lot safer when you have sex with that person who is your partner than having it with any random person just for the fun.

In a relationship, sex is something that should be mutual. Some people love having sex in their relationships while others prefer not to, due to reasons best known to them. In a relationship that is not marriage, sex can be seen as something that is not compulsory. You and your partner can agree not to have sex with each other as long as you are dating, it is a personal choice. This has to be a mutual agreement between you two. 

In some relationships, sex is very beneficial. It helps to strengthen the bond partners share in their relationship. More like they have a stronger connection to each other. It puts a difference in how they feel for their partner and how they feel for others. There is this attachment sex brings to a relationship.

What Sex Can Do In A Relationship

Sex can keep a relationship healthy and also sex can be the reason why a relationship is failing. As simple as it may sound, sex is a very important aspect of a relationship. There are people who can not be in a relationship where they will not be having sex. For them, a relationship without sex is the same thing as being in a relationship with someone that does not love you.

Good sex can help you keep your partner in a relationship. It can be the reason why your partner can not trade you for anyone else. In as much as sex should not be the basis of a relationship, it is also important that sex should be worth it in a relationship. 

The fact that it sounds so casual does not mean it should be casual. You can not be having sex with your partner casually. In a relationship that involves sex, your emotions should also be involved even when you are having sex. Whenever you start seeing sex with your partner as something that is casual, then your relationship is at risk.

The Effect Of Sex In A Relationship

The effect of sex in a relationship could either be good or bad. Having good sex can bring about a closeness that can help a relationship last longer. It helps to build intimacy in a relationship thereby creating a bond between partners.

Sex can also lead to the end of a relationship. Sex should be satisfactory, when there is a lack of sexual satisfaction then the relationship is bound to have issues that might lead to your partner cheating on you or even ending the relationship.

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In a relationship, denying your partner sex can cause your partner to be having secret affairs. You might be feeling it is just ordinary sex without knowing the value your partner places over it. 

Sex should be an intimate moment that you should enjoy with your partner. A time to let go of all the stress and worries and be with the one you love. 

Sex has an effect on the physical and emotional health of a person. It helps to ease stress from the body. It brings relaxation to the body and shuts out pains. So to the human body sex is important.

How Often Should One Have Sex In A Relationship

Sex should not be regulated. How often you have sex should be dependent on your feelings. This does not mean that you should jump into sex anytime you have an urge for it. 

When in a relationship with someone you love, you should not be counting how many times you and your partner have had sex or try to regulate or bring out a timetable on when you guys should have sex, that is wrong. 

Sex is meant to be a mutual feeling between you and your partner, trying to regulate it will only cause problems in your relationship.


Sex can get a relationship going and it can also cause the end of a relationship. Let your relationship not be centered around sex. If you allow sex to be the only value you give to your relationship, then that relationship is bound to fail. Even when in a relationship, there are mistakes you should avoid after having sex.