Signs He Is In Love With You

If you’ve found yourself wondering if your partner is in love with you, trust me you are not alone. This question is often asked by thousands of other females out there who are in love with their partners and don’t want to make assumptions their partner loves them too…

You find questions like;

  • Does my boyfriend really love me?
  • How do I know my crush loves me?
  • What are the signs, he loves me?
  • Is my husband really in love with me? and many more all over the internet space. 

In order for you not to get caught up in trying to figure out if he is in love with you, thereby making you absent in your relationship with thoughts of fears and insecurities blocking you from getting the love you desire. 

We brought you these 8 signs he is in love with you but before we jump right into these signs let’s get to know why he is in love with you but won’t say, shall we?

Possible Reasons He Is in love With You But Won’t Say


Love is a very beautiful feeling, we all desire it but honestly, nobody wants to fall in love where there is no one to catch you. This is why we tend to hold our guard up until we are sure our partner feels the same. 

Here are possible reasons he is in love with you but won’t say:-

1. He Is Scared Of Rejection:- 

He is not sure you feel the same way as he does and doesn’t want to risk getting rejected. Let’s face it a lot of guys out there are not tough-skinned to handle rejection especially when it comes to love affairs. They would rather admire you from afar and hope an opportunity they’ll be comfortable to speak out their true feelings arises.

2. He Is Not Sure You Can Handle All of Him:-.

He might be hiding his feelings because he is not sure he can be vulnerable to you. You need to let him see you as a safe place so he can be comfortable with you.

3. He might have told you in his own way:- 

Not every one of us knows how to communicate our emotions verbally. Some of us prefer to act it while others say and act it. Study him and find out if he shows you he loves you by being devoted to you. If he does but you just want to hear him say it… Look out for a moment you both are comfortable and ask him yourself.

4. He Is Not Yet Ready:- 

In as much as you really want to hear your partner out the 3 magical words already, it is important to understand that your partner may not be ready to say those words yet. Everyone moves at their own pace and so far he exhibits the following signs below. Give it time he will definitely say it when the time comes.

Now that you know these reasons, it’s time we dive into the signs he is in love with you.

8 Inarguable Signs He Is In Love With You

1. Body Language

As opposed to words, there are certain body languages individuals express that relate to their thoughts. These languages can be read from their facial and body expressions. For instance, there are some certain ways a man who is in love with you will behave, either when talking to you about a particular thing or when responding to you. He might unknowingly react in a certain way that shows he is not comfortable with you hanging out with another guy. Or even get angry because you let another guy touch you.

2. He Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Does he leave you feeling valued, priceless, respected, or maybe he brings out the best qualities in you? That guy is in love with you. A guy who loves you will not make me feel less of yourself, disrespected, or worse still dejected. He’ll try every day to leave you feeling butterflies in your stomach. That way he stays in your thoughts and peradventure another man gives you compliments, it reminds you of him.

3. He Treats You With Great Importance

If he is in love with you, attaching importance to you won’t be a big deal to him. You’ll find him trying to please you, make you smile, make sure you are comfortable, and of course listen to you attentively. You find him noticing the smallest things about you, your switch in appearance, mood, or some other things that are looking different from the normal. He’ll also remember every single thing about you from your likes to your dislikes, your favorite food, your birthday everything.

4. He Misses You When You Are Not Together

When you love someone, you’d want to be with them and miss them when they are afar. If he yearns for you when you are close to him and misses you when you aren’t then he is definitely in love with you. If in turn, he doesn’t make an effort to reach out when you are not close then girl… I dunno. 

5. He Just Can’t Stop Looking At You

It is true, men are moved a lot by what they see, and when a man is in love with you, he might not be able to stop himself from staring at you, stealing glances, winking and you know making gestures at you.

6. Your Happiness Is His Priority

No man wants to see his love unhappy because somehow it will make him unhappy too. So if he goes out of his way to make you happy, either by helping you out with work, by getting you gifts or simply by showering you with compliments, etc. he is in love with you.

7. He Introduces You To People He Holds Dear

Including you in every part of his life is one way to know he is in love with you. You’ll find him introducing you to his friends, colleagues, family, etc. 

8. He Shares Everything With You

A guy who is in love with you will want to share everything about him with you, his wins, losses, problems, doubts, and concerns. He will want to share everything with you and will also seek your thoughts because he values them.

In Summary,

When a guy is in love with you, he will definitely exhibit these 8 signs to show he is in love with you even if he doesn’t say it. Be sure to look out for these signs and quit worrying if he loves you or not.