Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Obvious Signs He or She Wants You Back

Breakups are challenging. It becomes much more problematic when your ex shows signs saying he/she wants you back. After the breakup, if your ex still wants you back, they won’t say it out loud but will act differently. You could tell whether h or she is still holding onto you while seeming like he or she has moved on if you pay close attention to their behavior. However, before doing anything, you must be certain of your feelings for him or her, regardless of whether you desire to reconcile with your ex. Let’s discuss two situations: when you are still in contact and when you aren’t.

Frequent Calls and Messages

If they are calling you often for silly reasons or if they keep texting you or sending you messages and comments on Facebook, it might be a sign he or she is still thinking about you and that they might want you back. But let him or her be the one to call you. Let your ex admit he or she wants you back. It will let you know how sincere he or she is.

Still Interested in Your Life

If he is curious about what you are up to in your life, he might continue to ask if you are seeing anyone else. When he notices you with someone else, does he act envious and demand your attention? These are the cues your ex is trying to hide that he or she wants you back in their life.

Dating Problems

If your ex still has second thoughts about dating someone else and has expressed this to you, it is a sure sign he or she wants you back. even though they won’t say it. He or she still cares and is unsure about anyone else if they go on a date but doesn’t tell you because he or she fears you will be harmed.  There may be situations when he or she decides against continuing the first date because you set a high bar for their partner.

Returning to Memory Lane

Does your ex bring back fond memories for you? Does he frequently discuss the places you have been to and the activities you have shared? He wants you back if he misses the vacations you both enjoyed together.

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Praises You

Your ex may still be thinking about you and wants you back if he constantly complements your outfit, appearance, and other aspects of yourself, or if he gives you flowers without reason. He might not say it, but it is a clue he is still fixated on you if he continues to address you by your charming nickname and notices even the smallest changes in you.


And If You Are Not in Touch With Your Ex, These Are The Signs You Will See:

Still Keeps in Touch With Your Friends

If He or She is attempting to maintain your relationship with him or her if he or she is friends with your pals even though they are not in contact with you. Your ex may still be interested in you if he or she keeps in touch with your family and frequently monitors their locations.

Asks After You

Do your family and friends believe that your ex is still curious about what you do and how things are going in your life? It is a hint that he or she is still fixated on you even though they might not admit it. He or she might be curious to learn if you’ve moved on and started dating someone new or if you share their desire to get back together.

Still Keeps Your Things

He or She probably wants to keep your presents and cards with them if he still has them in his or her possession and hasn’t returned them. It is a hint that your ex values having your possessions and gifts close to them since it makes him or her feel more connected to you. It’s possible that he or she still has feelings for you and wants to rekindle their relationship. And if you haven’t returned his belongings, let him or her first ask for them.

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