Stolen: Episode 6

Episode 6

He called the Lab scientist in charge of the diagnostic centre that Sydney had gone for testing who was his friend way back in school and asked him to please conduct further test on the blood specimen of Sydney who had just dropped off his specimens, for genotype, blood group and DNA constituent.
This was a secret arrangement between the and the result was meant to be scanned and mailed to his e-mail address.

He was so restless that he drove to grab a bottle of beer at his favourite spot and he dialed Sydney, asking him to please join him immediately with a taxi drop on his bills.

All other phone calls from home he diverted to his other phone and back home everyone was beginning to get worried especially Chief Stanford who he wouldn’t even take his calls.

In no time Sydney had joined him and Harold ordered a mug of freshly made juice to be served him.

He apologized firstly for almost knocking down Sydney the previous day which Sydney in his response had rather blamed himself.

The freshly prepared fruit juice blend was readily served as they were settling to discussions.

Harold: where are you from?
Sydney : I am from the Ezemazu Clan in Urualla, in Ideato North Local government Area of Imo State.
Harold: that’s beautiful, I am from Ezinifite in Nnewi South Local of Anambra State.
I was born in Lagos according to my parents who moved to Lagos from Umuahia in 1985, we moved back to Owerri a decade ago when my father’s business headquarters was relocated to the Eastern Heartland.

Sydney : I was born in Umuahia, in 1985 and my family just moved to Orlu township five years ago. I had schooled in Owerri hence my staying back to eke out a living from the sand supply business from the sand dredging pit at Otammiri.

Harold was practically shivering as his heart beat had increase its rate. Does it mean that this guy’s illness had blinded him from seeing that we look so much alike? Or maybe he hadn’t noticed, they had barely known each other for a few moments. Maybe his mind was working faster than his reasoning because of what he had began suspecting.
They discussed about very many other things and after four hours together Harold had dropped off Sydney promising to meet up with him for the test results and drug purchase later in the evening.

He turned the corolla and sped towards the diagnostic centre. On getting there he sought for Ikechukwu the chief lab scientist who widely grinned at him on sighting him.

Ikechukwu : o boy you be ghost? I just was about sending the stuff to your email.

Harold: eh heh beautiful I don’t need the e-mail anymore, the hard copy is fine for me.

Ikechukwku: okay if you say so.

Harold: are the other results ready?

Ikechukwu: for sure they are.

Harold : Aikay

Ikechukwu : eh Harry

Harold: you’re gonna take my blood sample and run a DNA, genotype and blood group test as well.

Ikechukwu seeming alarmed had no choice but oblige after all he was here to make money and it wasn’t supposed to be his business why his client although a friend of his was supposed to be requesting two DNA tests on two blood samples one his and the other a man he had earlier brought in for routine widal tests.