Stolen: Episode 11

Episode 11

Mrs Chiazoka came forward and pulled up Harold’s T-shirt, nodded excitedly and then proceeded to check behind Harold’s pinna and then she exclaimed, my love come and see the marks, they are still exactly there where they had been then, Mr Levi came over and confirmed.

The nurses on duty at that maternity were all rounded off, even those that had just changed shifts, but no tangible lead did the police get from them and in their usual style of looking for a scape goat the nurse that was assigned to that ward the previous shift in charge of Mrs Chiazoka and two other women in that same ward was immediately detained and released on the request of the Chiazokas after so many months of inconclusive investigation by the police, unfortunately she was banned from the nursing and midwifery profession as her license was withdrawn. Mr Levi continued.
That affected nurse is Mama Chioma.
You mean Chioma our friend? The girls chorused, yes my daughters.
Hewoh! Papa so much information you guys had kept secret from us all these years Sydney cut in.

My son we chose not to reopen the wound afterwards but kept petitioning God in prayers, every time we prayed for our children it was for the four of you, the two sets of twins we had six years apart.
Mrs Stephanie Chiazoka was a very intelligent woman, she in no time disappeared into the kitchen they were yet to be shown with her daughters in tow, leaving the men to discuss freely.

After lunch with his family, Harold stayed on to get to know his real family members better and he at a time took his twin Sydney out for a serious tête a tête.

On their return, he picked up the keys to the Range Rover autobiography and while the saw him off, Adaure who was clinging to his side asked, brother do you really own this big car, Harold was amused and laughed as Sydney answered; Yes ooo even more, in fact he bought us this sienna yesterday.

Chai so we had a wealthy brother and we’ve been suffering all these while.

No that’s wrong Harold corrected, your brother who has denied himself so much and made sure you were okay is to be appreciate, hecis the hero here, they hugged Sydney telling him they loved him.

Harold bade them goodnight as he mounted his SUV and drove away.

Harold woke up very late the next day as he had slept very late relishing the precious moments with his real family, he looked round as he woke up as saw breakfast already served on his table, he went through the normal early morning body cleansing routine and settled on the breakfast as he only had the lunch of yesterday in him and hunger was beginning to beckon.

After a while he went out to the balcony and looked round the compound and then went in packing his belongings, first he copied all his files from the Apple iMac and wiped the system clean, then while he was at the last luggage, Mrs Lauretta came in.
Mrs Lauretta: Son why are you packing up?
(Calling him son pained Harold who looked up sighed and tried to smile)
Oh I get it, kai smart boy, so you were planning all these while? ( Harold was in a pensive mood at this time)
So you were planning since and kept it top secret, she said pointing at Harold, hewoh! Really? So there was a trip with Ijeoma all planned out and I was left out of it. Where to, Bahamas or Florida ? Like ijeoma had always fantasized. Hmmm lover boy she said jokingly tapping Harold’s head.

A much relieved Harold could only but keep smiling.
Mrs Lauretta continued, but son you’re really going to spoil Ijeoma rotten, don’t over pamper and get her lazy ooo, she ended with a grin as she exited his room.

Then came the arrival of Ndaa Letty and Ijeoma as they had been been invited by Mrs Lauretta on a regular visit only that this time had a big surprise for them as it was expected by the Okekes alone that Ijeoma was to receive the surprise proposal from their son, she went out to welcome them and when they were done exchanging pleasantries, they all sat down and settled to sipping their drinks and discussing, after a while Mrs Lauretta walked up to Harold and her husband who had stood outside on the patio, discussing and laughing merrily with their drinks.

Mrs Lauretta: son when are your visitors arriving?
Harold: they’d soon be here.
Mrs Lauretta: okay I can’t wait, I’d be inside with Mrs Letitia and Ijeoma our new bride, she whispered with a grin.