Stolen: Episode 12

Episode 12

Chief Stanford and Harold laughed as she turned to leave, then Harold made to share a joke with chief Stanford and just then a horn blared outside the gate, the gate opened to the Sienna which drove up all the way from the drive way to the patio.

Harold : Oh, here they are, Harold pointed at them.

Chief Stanford: oh that’s your friend Sydney and his family.

Chants of welcome and thank you rented the air as the Chiazokas greeted a very welcoming influential Chief Stanford Okeke.

Then they all trooped into the expansive sitting room and were made to feel at home by their host, just then Ijeoma and both women were making their entrance to the dining area with the foods, they were chatting and laughing loudly as they laid the foods on the table, then turned to face the visitors who were already seated and backing the dining area.
They swiftly walked to go and welcome them and on getting there, Lauretta couldn’t but notice the resemblance between the visitors and Harold, immediately, she sensed it that something wasn’t right within her as she got apprehensive.

Please today has been long coming and would be very important to me Harold cleared his throat and spoke up as pleasantries were still being exchanged.

Chief with all due respect Harold continued I had been so busy lately putting one and two together, I have succeeded in making some huge findings that are life changing and today I’m presenting my real family to you.

A bewildered Stanford who at first did not really understand what Harold was saying was lost for words when reality finally hit him and he sank into his sofa.
Mrs Lauretta was already broken and was in tears.

Mrs Chiazoka immediately recognized nurse Letitia after so many years and a very quiet Leticia also had recognized Mrs Chiazoka.

Ndaa Letty looked away and at that point Harold began to reel out the story of all that had happened in the last few weeks.

Somebody stole me and brought to you, the Okekes, I just discovered painfully in these last few weeks that I am a Chiazoka and not an Okeke.

He thanked them for raising him properly and a visibly stunned Stanford and Ijeoma looked on as the drama unfolded.

Stanford found his voice later and wept.
He had Levi Chiazoka consoling him also weeping and in no time everyone was in tears.

Stanford cleared his throat and spoke up,
Chief Stanford: 32 years ago I formalized the union of Lauretta and the next year I had to cut short a trip to New York to come and meet her at home as she had been delivered of a boy by her friend a trained nurse and midwife, Mrs Leticia here, he pointed to Ndaa Letty, I was so happy I was a father. How come, what happened?