Stolen: Episode 14

Episode 14

Lauretta after sobbing for long had confessed loosing her womb in a 1983 abortion exercise she had undergone when Stanford got her pregnant and almost did not marry her, she could not bear the shame and regretted the act when its ugly consequence stared her in the face.
She was later married by Stanford and had to go extreme to keep their marriage.

Stanford went over and took her in his arms and asked her to forgive him as well, he put her in that condition and also when babies weren’t forthcoming any longer he had been scared as one child wasn’t enough assurance for a man of his status and he had secretly fathered three kids by his ex girlfriend who resides in the Abardeen Scotland. The first was a girl and was born in 1991 while the other duo were males born in 1993 and 1995 respectively.
He had been in constant touch with them and regularly visits and paid their bills, they were recently getting tired of His excuses discouraging them from visiting home.
And with all these now was a good time to bring them home.
He swore upon getting Lauretta’s forgiveness never to leave her and was confident that if she had loved Harold so much all these years, a child not theirs how much more children from him

Do they know you have a wife? Came Lauretta’s question for amidst sobs, she was really hurt,
No they do not but their mother and I are making efforts to that effect he answered solemnly.

Ijeoma had long sneaked out, she had witnessed enough drama and her mother’s shameful crime years ago coming to limelight had sent a message to her that her Harold dream had crashed like a park of cards.
She wept at her loss as she rode back home in the taxi, she definitely doesn’t know how she’d face her mother, but she had to forgive her as she was all that she’s got and she too was all that she’s got.

We would leave now, came Levi’s announcement, our boy will remain with you until you all are ready to let go, you’ve been his parents all his life, the discovery he made about us was sudden and shocking to everyone, I think we should all absorb this shock gradually and try to heal as well, as this has opened many can of worms but in everything my family and I from the deepest of our hearts hold nothing against anyone, we believe God plans things the way he wants it to happen. I beg us all to handle this naturedly and make no scandal out of this.