Stolen: Episode 15

Episode 15

It has been a week after all the revelations and drama and Chief Stanford had called Harold and Lauretta for a meeting.
I stand on what Levi had said last week, he began, Harold would at his own convenience move in with his family, although painful and regrettable its one day that we now know that it must come.

There was a short pause and Harold spoke up.
My parents, I knew no other until I stumbled into my real family, you’d never stop being my parents. I owe you to remain all that a son should be to his parents.
I nevertheless plan on moving in with them next week but I am keeping my room here and everything therein.
I by this move haven’t ceased to be an integral part of this household.
Lauretta had started sobbing already and Stanford was having a hard time controlling the tears that welled up in his eyes.
They both moved towards him and hugged him, holding him tight and not letting go as the trio sobbed freely. It was an emotional moment.

The D day came, Harold was set, His luggages were being brought out to the patio by Harriet, the domestic staff, in front of the Toyota Land cruiser was Jideofor the personal driver to Chief Stanford. The luggage’s had been loaded in the SUV before Harold, Chief Stanford and Mrs Lauretta emerged from the house.
Chief Stanford had instructed Jideofor to drive the Land cruiser and Osondu Harold’s Land Rover LR4.
They were headed to Aladinma.

They all sat in the Land Cruiser and as they were about to leave, Lauretta asked them to wait and she alighted and went back into the house, when shee returned, in her possession was one of her Jewelry boxes and she climbed back into the car and the motorcade of two left for Aladinma.

Lauretta had brought with her the jewelry box with jewelries worth over eighty million, there were coral beadings, platinium, Gold and silver bracelets, necklaces, ear rings and rings, studded with rubies, jades, onyx, sapphire, amber stones and finely cut diamonds from Choppards.

She wanted to give it to the woman whose child for 31 years she stole as a form of atonement for her wrongs, thy drove in silence to Aladinma and Stanford caught tears escaping Lauretta’s eyes from time to time. When they got to the junction by Samek, Stanford ordered the motor cade to a halt,
Leave us he spoke to Jideofor who quickly unstrapped his seat belt and climbers down, joining Osondu at the rear.

Then Stanford turned to Lauretta, my dear it has always been destined for this day to come, maybe you never saw it coming but its high time you be consoled that we’re about to right a wrong we did thirty one years ago.

He went on and on on how thankful they should be to God that the real parents of their son Harold had already forgiven them, it would have been a monumental and indelible stain to their reputation had they been sued for stealing Harold.

While he spoke, Harold who was at the front passengers seat, looked on to the front motionless and speechless, only a couple of glances through the mirror to the back seat where Standford and his wife who he cuddled as he spoke to her were.

After a while, Lauretta wiped her tears and was adjusting her make up when Stanford spoke to Harold.

Son, send the drivers home and drive your car, I’d drive behind tou with your mum.

Harold alighted and discharged both drivers not without getting them a taxi drop.
While at this, Chief Stanford had taken the wheels to the Land Cruiser and Lauretta had come over to the front too, they sat and watched their boy take care of their drivers.
Their hearts ached at loosing him. Despite all the wealth he has been exposed to, Harold was still an epitome of humility, always caring for everyone and here he was fetching Jideofor and Osondu their drivers a taxi to convey them home.

Harold as soon as he was done got behind the wheels, honked and drove off with Stanford trailing him immediately.