Stolen: Episode 16

Episode 16

The gate of the bungalow housing his real family was flung open moments after he honked severally on approach by his twin brother Sydney.
Both cars drove in and the whole family had appeared from within the house to welcome the Okekes.

As they were ushered into the house, Stanford and company were treated to a mini banquet.
After very touching and emotional moments, the Okekes finally returned formally the son they had stolen from the Chiazokas about thirty one years ago.

It was a well spent three hours between the Okekes and the Chiazokas.
Then time came for the Okekes to leave and it dawned on them that they were for the first time going to stay without their Harold, it was another emotional round.
Lauretta Okeke then went and got the Jewelry box she came with and presents to Mrs Chiazoka.

Nwanyi ibe m, biko iji tie gi aka n’obi (my fellow woman, to make it up to you) for all these years that I robbed you of your joy, and in sincere appreciation for you willingly forgiving my monumental transgression, this is a token from the bottom of my heart.

They hugged each other and Mrs Chiazoka cleared her throat.
Nwanyi ibem she began, I was really hurt when I lost my son years back, even till recently I was still hurting, but I never in my wildest dreams imagined that God had all these planned out. There’s no making up for anything and there’s no need collecting this from you, you already gave me the best gift, my son who you had over the years borrowed even though without our consent and a good version of him for you’ve raised him to be a good man and you even though you constantly knew he was not yours raised him with great love like he was yours really.

Adamma who was busy waving the dishes from the mini banquet had been startled by her twin, Adaure who had crept back from the back of the house into the kitchen and hugged her sister very tightly.
Mama has a heart of Gold she said to Adamma, yea she really does and it is really a good thing that she forgave easily after all these years of hurting as some people might have tried to make trouble Adamma replied.

She even rejected a gift from Mrs Okeke, let me creep back and go and get more peeps, don’t worry sis, I’d gist you well when I return. She ran off the kitchen slowing down on getting close and tiptoeing into her peep zone.

Chief Stanford had come into the matter, persuading Mrs Chiazoka to collect a symbol of friendship from his wife.
Mr Levi nudged his wife gently and she collected after embracing Lauretta her new friend for long a long time.
Both women were crying, they knew within themselves that a friendship that’d end in death had kick started.
Harold stepped forward and hugged the couple that had raised him from infancy into a fine young man who he knew he had become.

Please let Harriet fail not to clean my room daily and please nobody should mess with my stuff.
The couple nodded to their adopted son and the last pleasantries were exchanged for the day.

Finally the Okekes became the occupant of their Toyota Land Cruiser once more as it rolled out the premises of the Chiazokas with the Chiazokas waving at them.