Stolen: Episode 2

Episode 2

Sydney had been thankful he had to contend with the chills and fever alone as he was nearly run over by the guy in the Landrover LR4, he had made efforts to apologise for his absent mindedness by waving as much as the fever would let him and graciously the man had driven away only to halt few yards away and his reverse light come one as he pulled to his side and stopped, rolling down the glass of his passenger’s window.

Good evening Sir he greeted the occupant of the car who kept making stares at him not replying, Gidivin Sir he repeated andtried to apologise with his whole body shivering in return.

Get in please the driver of the Landrover LR4 asked him, Me ? Sydney asked pointing at himself and trying to be sure nobody else stood behind him.
Yes my brother, you of course its just you and i here and no one else.
Sydney managed to climb in and once he was seated;
Harold: Daalu, you look unwell to me
Sydney: its malaria Sir.
Harold: Afam bu Harold Okeke, please keep the Sir aside.
Sydney : okay, my name is Sydney Chiazoka sir.

Harold reaches to his glove compartment and fetches paracetamol and gives two tablets to Sydney, fetching a bottle of water he had previously been drinking but not finished yet.

Harold: here, this will calm the fever a bit.
Sydney thankfully swallowed the paracetamol and gulped down the water.

Harold parked well and waited for sometime before speaking up.

Harold: that will keep the fever at bay for a while. Meanwhile were are you headed to?
Sydney: home Sir.
Harold: hapukene ihe Sir please. Where is your home?
Sydney: umuguma.
Harold: that’s far and don’t tell me that you were trekking home please.
Sydney who now had pockets of sweat all over him smiled and looked down.
Harold said nothing again but got his engine back to life and drove to a pharmacy pulling into their diagnostic section.

Harold: biko Sydney come let’s go diagnose your ailment so we don’t treat you blindly.
Sydney followed Harold thankfully and swiftly into the laboratory section of our saviours pharmacy and was given labelled plastic ontainers to return early the next day with his blood, urine and sputum specimens to be taken for analysis and diagnosis.
all these would be on Harold who happily foot the bills swiftly and drove away with Sydney.

Arriving umuguma junction Harold pulled over to a corner and Sydney thanked immensely for his kindness which was the last thing he had expected as he left the sand pitHarold urged him to get the specimens and get to the laboratory very early in the morning, he promised to check on him the next day and left him with a huge sum of N10000, took his phone number and opened the lock for Sydney who thankfully and with a teary eye stepped down the Landrover LR4, closed the door and waved as Harold made a turn, he watched on as Harold sped into the distance. He kept watching and never took his eyes off this God sent Angel of his until the Landrover LR4 went our of sight.
Looking up, he said;”yet again God, you’ve proven to me that you sure do exist, thank you oh God.