Stolen: Episode 3

Episode 3

Speeding through the Okigwe road that will link him to Port Harcourt/Enugu express way he kept wandering whether it could be what he was thinking, could it be that what he had stumbled upon some night few weeks ago was true? He had been so distraught by what he saw and here seems to be a correspondence to it.
He was going to make sure he found out the truth as the time had come for him to know the truth, lost in thoughts was he when his phone’s ring brought him back to reality, he hit the loudspeaker button and answered,

Harold : Aijay
Ijeoma : Baby where are you?
Harold : Am on my way, just going past Okigwe now.
Ijeoma: Chineke e, you’re still far away, are you sure we can make it back to Owerri today as its almost night.
Harold: Aijay be patient I’m driving remember, I’d meet up with you in a matter of moments and we’d sure know the next line of action, but right now Harry’s gotta drive.
Ijeoma: okay baby, safe journey, love you

Harold didn’t bother to return the I love you thing, only if she knew the new battle he was fighting, he manouvered a bad spot on the road and got on the other lane of the double laned Port Hacourt/Enugu expressway, putting on his hazard lights, he sped on one way with full head lamps trying to beat time and the other bad lane he was meant to be on.

All through the drive to Enugu, Harold had his mind transfixed on a file he had seen some weeks ago in his Mum’s room, he had kept wondering whether what he saw as one of the contents of the files was true.
Harold was very disturbed but had to keep sanity in place to avoid a road crash.

On arrival, he drove straight to Ijeoma’s apartment and saw a worried Ijeoma on her doorstep with her already packed luggage waiting for his arrival.

He parked his car close to her door step and got down to savour her embrace, trying so hard to keep his mind off the issue that had had better part of his mind all evening.

Ijeoma too excited on his arrival didn’t notice and hurriedly locked her doors while he packed her luggage into the booth of the Landrover LR4.
She hurriedly hopped into the passenger’s side and had already belted up before Harold could open his own door.

He drove off in silence while she chatted away excitedly on how relieved she was that he finally arrived and they were homebound, it was Chief Stanford Okeke’s 60th Birthday celebrations and Harold had come to pick her for the party in two days time.

Ijeoma was Harold’s fiancee, a match made by Harold’s Mother, Mrs Lauretta Okeke and Ijeoma’s mother, Matron Leticia Okpara, a respected Matron at the Federal Medical Centre Owerri, she was popularly reffered to by all and sundry as Ndaa Letty.

Harold had played along in his quest to fulfil his youthful exuberance of wild oat sowing as Ijeoma had been a willing bed warmer to him, He never really loved her, just that he had grown used to having her known and proudly trumpeted to everyone as his bethroted.
Ijeoma had from the onset been head over heels for the very handsome and affluent Harold.
She was safer because of the fact that both mothers had an unwritten agreement that she was the one and she didn’t have to worry about the numerous other girls courting Harold’s attention.

Harold pulled into a guest house and on her enquiry about why they were in a guest house instead of hitting the highway already reminded her that the journey would have to proceed very early in the morning as he was not in the habit of driving at night.

He checked them into a room, leaving behind her luggage’s as she had taken her personal effects and put into her big handbag that could as well pass as a mini luggage.

In a matter of hours after a warm bath, she was snoring her life away and a visibly irritated Harold went back to the car park, sat in his car and played himself some good nerve soothing tunes.