Stolen: Episode 9

Episode 9

Harold drove home after Mass to join in the continued hosting of dignitaries who besieged their home until the late hours of the night when he retired into his room to find a nude Ijeoma on his bed, smiling seductively at him.

Well, Harold was happy he was going to meet his real family and he was in high spirits, he had had some to drink as well and then here was a naked lady offering him some free bodily pleasure on a platter.
So Harold had her, knowing deep inside of him that it was the last they’d be like this together.

He rolled off her and went into the bathroom ran himself a warm bath, spending a lot of time trying so hard to wash her touches off his body.

By the time he got back, she was snoring already, he woke her up and asked her to take a shower.
He had changed the sheets before she was done.
That night he found sleep very early.

Sydney was at the headquarters of Stanford and Harold’s three days later to sign the contract documents to deliver sand and granite for their housing estate project and while he was at it, Harold informed him that he was to meet Chief Stanford in person after it all as Chief Stanford had requested to see him but due to the busy weekend he wasn’t opportuned to send to do so.
Sydney nodded in acclamation.
Sydney informed Harold that his family were moving in on Friday and this sent some sweet feelings of happiness and enthusiasm rushing through Harold who just nodded and carried on with the documents he had been reviewing, trying very hard not to betray emotions.

When Sydney was done, he knelt to thank Harold, who asked him up immediately and led him to the corridor and then into the expansive chambers that served as the Chairman’s office.

Chief Stanford was watching a national TV station and when he took his eyes off and saw Harold advancing his eyes lit up with glee, then he beckoned on him, son come and see, we’re on TV.

Who wouldn’t be on TV after hosting the Vice president, five state Governors and almost the whole Nigerian National Assembly Harold joked.

Come over and sit here with your friend son he beckoned on them smiling without taking his eyes off the TV.

Harold and Sydney sat and watched with Chief Stanford while the show lasted.

When Stanford turned to meet them, he was shocked at the striking resemblance between His son Harold and his friend.

Chief Stanford : Welcome Son, I don’t think I’ve met this your friend before.

Harold : Dad this is Sydney my friend you were busy with last weekend’s activities that I could not find time to bring him to meet you.

Chief Stanford: oh! That’s the fellow you spoke about.

Harold: Yes Sir.

Chief Stanford: Nna kedu?

Sydney: Odi mma Sir.

Chief Stanford: chai you have a striking resemblance with my son, daalu inugo.

Sydney : daalu Sir.

They trio had some great time chatting together and between Stanford and Harold they deduced easily that Sydney was flowing with wisdom, untapped wisdom.

Stanford immediately started to devise a means of making some fortune out of the beautiful ideas Sydney might have, while Harold was thankful and plotting how he would team up with his brother’s and with their great ideas bring new breath of affluence to the poverty stricken real family of his.

Stanford was really impressed with Sydney and had invited him over to his home someday at his own convenience.

That would be this weekend Sir as I might propose to Ijeoma on Saturday, Harold had cut in.

An elated Stanford welcomed the idea and bade his son and Sydney good day as they left his office.

Harold had indicated that he was travelling to Port Harcourt that day on an important business trip over breakfast on Friday morning to return in the evening, Mrs Lauretta was to make preparations for the mini occasion that’d hold in her sitting room on Saturday and in her planning was to accommodate five visitors Harold was expecting.
She was happy that her age long schematics with Ndaa Letty was finally coming to fruition come Saturday.

Harold drove out in the Range Rover autobiography that he drove on special occasions, he was on his way to Aladinma and of course today was a special occasion for him as he was finally meeting his real family after thirty one years.

By 9:09 am he was already at Aladinma and had driven an equally elated Sydney to a car dealer to pick the black 2015 model of Toyota Sienna he had ordered two days ago.

Harold: Syd, that’s your new car, made the order so it can accommodate the whole family, please it has been fueled last night, go and get them at Orlu and please drive safely.

Sydney sat down on the bare floor, teary eyed, he looked at the heavens shook his head and looked at Harold who was smiling at him, he suddenly sprang to his feet screaming like someone who just went bananas.
Harold watched and laughed uncontrollably and afterwards called out to Sydney to meet him at Aladinma upon his return, bidding him safe journey as he climbed the Range Rover autobiography and sped off while an overly happy Sydney drove the Sienna towards Orlu.