Episode One

It was that time of the day when his body felt like it had been hit by a train, with temperatures soaring high like someone was making barbecue inside of him and at the same time cooling him with ice, it left him in the mornings and returned by this time towards the evenings, this has been the cycle for four days now.

He had been long shivering from the chills malaria or so he thought had brought upon him, how was he to make it go away? A simple anti malarial drug as he assumed was the salvation he needed at the moment but believe you me he couldn’t afford it, even if he could would he not need food to commence ingestion of drugs into his system?

It was the fourth evening of his ordeal and he had managed to carry-on in the afternoons with his job as a sand supplier at the sand dredging pit where he usually went out to. Unfortunately it was rainy season and customers were scarce as those involved in civil engineering construction projects had taken some sort of break due to the heavy rains which usually gave no signs nowadays and didn’t give a break in its pouring cycle.

Four days and not a single customer to service and make earnings, he had sent home his last earnings so that his family could feed being the bread winner of the family.
He was leaving the sandpit lost in thoughts that day and was barely a mile into his journey back to his squat zone when the fever came calling.

He clenched his teeth’s and forelimbs in a way to ward off the chills which had taken over him not availing him the luxury of seeing a vehicle that was exiting the petrol station by his right when a loud blare of horns from the motorist made him scamper off to safety and trying to apologize by making short waves.

Harold Okeke had filled up his tank at the petrol station and was making to exit into the main road that led to the highway to Okigwe from where he’d connect Enugu his destination of two and half hours away, when some guy who looked absent minded and clenching his palms nearly walked right into his car, Harold nearly cursed as he blared his horn furiously and on a closer look discovered that the guy in question was not looking too fine, was absent minded and also was an exact replica of himself.

He had pulled away and Harold had driven on, observing through his side mirror the seemingly short apologetic waves from the man who nearly had him run him over. It was through the side mirror that Harold saw a sick version of him, his replica and he slammed on his brakes coming to a halt, he engaged his reverse gear and slowly pulled back towards the man he nearly ran over and stopped when he got to him, rolling down the glass of his passenger’s side, horning and beckoning on him to come close as well.