The Border Town

Chapter One

Ebosele got up from the King-sized family bed and stretched lazily. It was going to be another long day. But he was determined to enjoy it to the full. He had every bit of the day planned out in detail. He peered outside, trying to see through the blinds of their bedroom window. Then he looked above the Samsung 65″ HU 8500 curved Smart 3D TV, which had cost him a fortune, toward the exquisite wall clock that seemed to float just above the expensive contraption. It was 5:05am. No wonder it was still dark outside.

Ebosele looked down at his wife who was still sleeping. She was as beautiful as he remembered her from seven years ago. It was their fifth anniversary as a couple, and they still had no kids. She had always been very worried about their state; more worried than he could ever bring himself to be. Today he wanted her to forget about their childlessness. They were still a young couple, and he believed their babies were on the way. God had blessed them with much wealth. He was certain He’d bless them with children as well. Ebosele had waited till this morning before finally unravelling his plans to her for their anniversary. Last year, he’d taken her to Dubai. He’d been planning another trip for them this year, but business had held him back. Later in the day, he would take her to Sheraton Hotel here in Abuja and they’d celebrate their anniversary in a grand style. He already paid for a brand new Ferrari Sergio at the asking price of $ 3.5 million dollars. It was one out of the only six that were manufactured in the world. He had been selected by auto maker to come pick it up himself, when they became certain that he was for real. He had had to lie to his wife that he was travelling out of the country for a business trip. When he saw the car, he’d been convinced that it was worth every dollar.

Ebosele strolled into the bathroom to get a bathe. He would freshen up, then profess his love for Ese and hit her with his love package for the day. He stretched out his right hand to switch on the tap. He couldn’t. He tried again. Again his hand passed through thin air. He panicked. What was wrong? It was then he realised the bathroom door was still closed. How had he passed through without opening the door? Ebosele tried to control his heart beat as it raced faster toward a crescendo. He rushed back into the bedroom. His wife was just coming round. He shouted at the top of his voice. It was a loud shout. But his wife was oblivious. He looked closely beside her and saw his body. What? How come he was still lying down? He jumped back onto the bed and lay on his body, willing the nightmare to cease; to no avail. He heard his wife calling his name. He saw her shake his body many times. He saw the shock on her face, the fear in her eyes and the pain in her voice. He saw her shake him repeatedly as she called out his name. Each time she called, he answered. But she didn’t hear; couldn’t hear him. It was then he realised what was truly happening. He was no more…

To be continued…