The Wife I Never: Had Chapter 6

The Wife I Never Had
Chapter 6

I got into the room to meet my girlfriend curled up at one end, her eyes dilated with hunger.

Her : Boo where you go naa ? (In her weakest voice I have ever heard)

Me : Sisi

Her : Eh (Yes)

Me : Oya wear cloth.

Her : eeeh ?(Really)

Me : eeh (Yes), come escort me go beg Mama Ozioma, abeg.

Her : Ok, but I doubt she will sell on credit oooo and I don’t like this idea ooooo (she reluctantly jumps into a pair of jean trouser and a good blouse)

Me: make we go try first, abi you no believe in miracles ?

Her : Oya naa, I don ready oooo.

We left the room and I could see she was really itching for a bite.

As We approached Mama Ozioma’s kiosk, I could see hope in her eyes, I just looked d other way and shook my head in pity.

Getting to the kiosk, she was slowing down, but I kept moving and walked past the kiosk, she hurried to catch up with me and she asked in a hushed tone:

Her : Boo, where you dey go naa?

Me : (Looking towards a cafeteria just ahead) Sisi, liver cut me, I no sabi as I want take start, oya make we waka front small come turn, I go now go beg am.

Her : Boo na wah oooo, I never do dis kind tin before ooo.

Me : u don see am say condition na wetin make crayfish bend.

We got to the cafeteria and I walked in, she was still outside and I beckoned on a surprised her to come in and have a sit.

She promptly did and in a whisper asked me :

Her : Boo wetin we dey do here ?

I smiled and asked her in return

Me : Wetin people dey come here come do ?

Her : Where you wan get money pay ?

A waiter had come to take orders

Waiter : Oga wetin una wan chop ?

Me : Na Madam go chop, no be Me.

Her : why you no wan chop naa?

Me : order your food first, then hear me out.

She ordered a plate of fufu and okro soup which she promptly pounced on, on delivery.

I watched her with pity and very happily as she ate hungrily, finishing the meal in no time.
I made her have more and she happily ate to her fill.

It was while she ate that I narrated how I met James and Chidolue.

As we went back, she was now livelier and spoke louder.

Few hours after our return to my room, I convinced her to return to the hostel, which she reluctantly accepted to.

While seeing her off to the bus stop her phone rang, Professor Madu was on the line requesting for her location so that His driver could bring her a package on her father’s request.

We were at the bus stop when 20 minutes later, Prof’s driver pulled over, handed her the brown envelope and drove off.

We opened the envelope and its content were two minty wraps of N200 notes.

She spoke to the money in a small still voice saying ” So na your eye be this”.

…………. TO BE CONTINUED in the next Chapter…………..