The Wife I Never Had


It was the last semester of my second spill over year and I was nearing triumph in the long drawn cold war running between I and some elements in the department of Agronomy where I was a student.

I was done resiting exams for the courses my examination officer had notified me earlier in the advent of the session that their results were missing.

The growing impatience from home and all other people who were concerned but unfortunately were oblivious of what I was passing through for me to announce that I had been called up to serve in the NYSC Scheme was now mounting and unbearable.

My mother was the one person in the world who was aware and also understood my plight, She never relented in encouraging me to persevere.

She had called me earlier that week to enquire if I needed funds wired into my account, I declined, assuring her that all was well. But the real truth was that I was so broke and starving as well.

On wednesday evening as I was dressing up to go and eat at a cafeteria in fulfilment of my new 0 – 0 – 1 feeding formula, my phone rang and it was my girlfriend calling.

Me : Hello, Sisi

Her : Boo How naa ?

Me : I dey oooo.

Her : How far ? U dey house ?

Me : Yes ooo.

Her : I dey road, I dey show, my hostel don too dey boring, u cook abi ?

Me : For where ?

Her : But u don chop naa abi ?

Me : I been wan go chop but make I wait for u naa, if you show we go now waka together go chop.

Her : ok e good like dat. I dey come.

She ends the call and I lay down waiting and thinking of how I would be able to manage through the weekend as I have resolved against all odds to run back home on monday and at least feed regularly for few days.

It Continues In The Next Chapter