These Are Signs Your Partner Doesn't Trust You

These Are Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Trust You

These Are Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Trust You – A healthy partnership must prioritize communication and trust. They must stand in the middle of it. Even though you are positive that your spouse has no reason not to believe you, there are occasions when he or she actually doesn’t. Maybe they don’t trust you because of unpleasant relationships in the past or a difficult childhood, not as a result of anything you did.

Here are things they do that indicate they don’t trust you

They Check Your Phone Frequently

The continual desire to check your phone is a clear indication that your partner doesn’t trust you. Either they explicitly requests to view your phone or he or she does it covertly. they are  going to check it out later (when you’re not looking), to see if they can “catch you,” if he or she asks to view your phone because he or she “interested” to know how it works.

They Are Maintaining A Distance From You

But if they don’t trust you, they won’t tell you (even if the mistrust is baseless). He or she is going to put some distance between the two of you. He or she won’t want to talk to you or become overly involved. It’s an indication that your partner doesn’t trust you if you feel that the intimacy needed in a relationship isn’t happening.

They Ask Too Many Questions

When you return home late from a night out with your friends and feel like you’re being interrogated, it’s obvious that he or she doesn’t trust you because they doubts your sincerity. He or she keeps asking you questions because they don’t like your responses and has some trust concerns, thus they never seem to end.

They Want To Dominate You

This is a worrying indication. It may be a warning sign that his or her conduct is escalating if they start dictating who you can go out with, when, and where instead of just asking where you are and who you are with.

They Want To Keep Track Of Your Current Location

He or she constantly checks in on you, calls your friends or your place of employment to find out where you are, and even follows you to “keep an eye” on you. This is a surefire indication that he or she lacks trust in you.


To have a successful relationship, trust between a couple is essential, but it can also be broken very easily. Because it’s so difficult to repair something once it’s broken, you must work on it every day. Always be honest with yourself and with him. Talk to each other. Don’t be afraid to show vulnerability.

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