Tips for a Successful Online Dating

There are unlimited possibilities of finding that perfect love and romance you seek, through online dating. Numerous dating sites and apps now exist, having a countless number of subscribers around the world. Proof of the fact that you have an endless reach of potential dates/lovers. Just find the most suitable online dating site for you. Set up your profile, make a few contacts, and boom you have found your soul mate. All this happens in theory though.

In practice, being successful in online dating requires you to put in some amount of work. You don’t leave anything to chance or fate. The processes involved and the large numbers of dating options seemingly available can make the entire adventure a frustrating one. Also, a careless mistake from you, little show of inconsistency, wrong message tone, and other factors can ruin a fantastic build-up.

Without doing the right thing at the right time in your online dating adventure, you could see a real ‘sure thing’ fade away into the thin air. Here are tips on how to have a successful online dating.

  1. Your Profile Picture is a Big Statement

Do you know the first thing people see when they view your profile online? It’s your Profile picture. Your profile picture is typically your first impression online, and I know you are aware of the importance of first impressions.

First, never be tempted to complete your profile on any dating site without including your profile picture. About 70% of subscribers on these dating sites won’t probably take a second look at your profile or even respond to your message if you don’t have a profile photo. You must certainly will do the same. By adding a profile photo alone, you improve your chances of having a message flow with other users by 10x. Secondly, when choosing a profile photo to upload, going for old photos is a no-no. Men who wouldn’t take the stress of going through a series of pictures to select a suitable one are usually defaulters here. Remember you are trying to make a statement with your profile picture, so ensure the statement counts. Preferably, use a full head and shoulders photo-taking with the natural light outside. For me, activity photos work perfectly and like a charm too. 

  1. Write an Interesting Profile Description

Besides your profile picture, your description is another catchy area not to overlook if you want to be successful in online dating. While some persons have seen the profile bio has a chance to ‘big-up’ their selves by writing in a sophisticated manner and with high tones, you must understand that you aren’t auditioning for anything, and as such shouldn’t write to impress anybody.

The most important thing to note when writing your description is to say something real about you, your personality and interest. In doing this, your goal should be to sound interesting, positive, and be real.

Sounding like douche isn’t going to attract much interest from people. On the contrary, you become interesting when you express yourself without fear. Never get scared of writing who you are, and what you love doing. Be it gaming, computer programming, seeing movies, or others, just be open and real about it.

  1. Your First Message Should Very Engaging

Now your profile is completely set, and you’ve just seen a user you like, the next line of action is to send a message. Note that your first message is a potential deal-breaker. From experience, I know this part can be tricky. If you begin with just “Hello” or “Hi”, you are likely not going to get a quick response. It’s like a general rule observable from most dating sites. At this point, getting a positive response will depend on how engaging, and interesting the text you’ve crafted is. Regardless of your gender, you must find a way of leaving an impression on your recipient, with a bit flirty. It seems a bit difficult, but I know a few tips that can help you out.

Go through their profile a couple of times. Try to find something about them that doesn’t seem obvious. It could interest both of you share, somewhere they have been to or even something they enjoy doing. Pick on whatever it is you see as a connection point and craft a text around it. Avoid the mistake of sending out mass messages to people, and also take note of your tenses and spellings, as it can be a turn-off. Lastly, try as much as possible to mention their name in the text, people enjoy reading their name.

  1. Transit from Online Chat to Actual Date

In signing up on a dating site, you didn’t just want to find a pen-pal online or a chatting mate. The aim is to go on a date with someone you find interesting. To ensure you achieve your aim, you shouldn’t keep things forever online; you have to plan for an actual date. Two possible ways to make that date happen is either through a slow but safe process, or an instant, high-risk approach. The former approach could be better.

Whichever method you choose to apply, remember to keep things simple. Don’t put much pressure on yourself or your date by seeking to arrange a dinner in a five-star restaurant. You could simply go for a coffee or even talk a walk in the park. The essence of the first date is to get to know yourselves better.

  1. Patience Will Payoff

The truth is, it may take a few bad dates before you eventually find the right one for you. Sometimes, getting to go on a first date could take a while too. That is just the structure of online dating, so don’t be too frustrated. During the process, never lose your motivation. Instead, try to learn from every bad experience and seek to do better in the next one. You will eventually find your right partner if you continue being patient and positive.


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