Top 10 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back But Scared to Come Out

Do you think your ex may want you back but you’re having some doubts? It’s important to see how your ex is truly feeling. There are some subtle (and more obvious) signs your ex wants you back but won’t admit it.

You actually don’t need to be a genius to figure them out. You just need to look out for these top signs that I’m about to show you.

If you can do that, then you’ll know for sure whether or not your ex wants you back.

If they do, they’ll absolutely show these 10 signs:

1. Staying in Touch With You

When a romantic relationship ends, the best way to get over someone is to avoid seeing the person. Isn’t it? Of course, yes.

Now, if your ex is keeping in contact with you after you’ve broken up, it is a sign that he or she wants to start all over again with you. 

For instance, if your ex contacts you to have a proper conversation about what’s going on in your life, and they seem genuinely interested in what you have to say, then it’s definitely a sign that your ex wants you back. 

Because a person who doesn’t want you again will always avoid you. A person who doesn’t value you will not want to talk to you again. That’s it.

If your ex says things like “I’ve never told anyone this before” or “no one understands me as you do”, it actually means he or she wants you back but, is just scared of coming back to you.

It’s a great indicator that they are not satisfied with their current relationship.

Come to think of it:

Why would your ex-partner seek emotional support from you if their new relationship was better?

It’s because your ex has now realized that both of you could do better together than the new partner but too scared to say.

2. Jealous About You

Is your ex feeling jealous when he or she sees you with another partner? It’s because he or she literally could not stop thinking about you. 

Jealousy is a very strong emotion, and it’s one thing that most people can’t control.

A surefire way to prove that your ex doesn’t have feelings for you is if you attempt to make your ex jealous and they don’t react at all. 

In fact, if they have grown so far apart from you they probably wouldn’t even notice.

How do you know if your ex is really jealous?

It shows in their facial reactions when they see you going on dates or hanging out with someone else.

They’ll then want to brag before the person you’re talking to and prove to you that they’re better.

It’s one of the clear signs that your ex still has feelings for you.

3. Calling You Pet Names Used in the Past

You’d agree with me that when you’re in a relationship with someone, you probably don’t call them by their first name.

Instead, you might use some pet names or terms of endearment like “sweetheart”, “baby”, “love”, “honey” or whatever else floats your boat. Right?

Pet names are basically synonymous with relationships and they show a level of shared trust and love.

Now if your ex accidentally calls you by the pet name they used before the breakup, it’s a great sign that they’re starting to see you as their partner again.

4. Discuss Their Feelings With You

The thing is, you’ve broken up, yet they can’t stop discussing intimate feelings with you like it were old times.

Or perhaps they’re being a little more worried but still open up to tell you things about themselves or family. 

See, if your ex wasn’t interested in you, there’s no chance in hell they’d be discussing deep feelings with you and establishing a physical connection.

Instead, they’d be making every effort to move on with their life.

An intimate connection like touching, and talking is a clear sign that the physical and emotional attraction still exists, and they’re probably trying to rekindle the flame of love that was once there.

5. Interested in Your Dating Life

Generally, most people don’t care whether you now have a new partner or not, after breaking up with them. They aren’t particularly interested in how your love life is going.

But if your ex still wants to know what’s going on with your life and what your love life is like, or still wants to know the person you’re dating, that means your ex hasn’t completely moved on.

So if your ex starts asking you countless questions about the new man or woman in your life and seems interested in any detail you share about your new partner, that is a sign that your ex is trying to gauge the possibility of getting back together with you.

6. Admitting the Mistakes in Past Relationship

Regardless of who said goodbye to who, in case they’re quick to discuss the past with you and afterward admit that they actually caused the problem in the relationship, then, at that point, they clearly need you back.

Some may interpret this as something serious, and they simply need to streamline things with you and become companions.

But I’m not convinced that’s the case.

See, in case they’re conceding that they’re at fault in your relationship, and afterward call your attention that they’ve changed.

Then, at that point, clearly, they’re attempting to tell you that they need one more chance at a relationship with you.

7. Showing One of The Following Signs of Interest Repeatedly

This is the place where we notice the smallest oblivious signs your ex displays when they’re drawing near to focusing on you once more. 

Here are those oblivious signs that your ex is keen on you:

If your ex inclines towards you, they’re drawn to you. Contrarily, inclining away from somebody shows shock.

Reflecting – when your ex mirrors your non-verbal communication and practices. 

And in a situation whereby your ex is continually grinning when you’re out on the town or having them contact you without you accomplishing any additional work, it’s a sign that they haven’t forgotten you.

8. Asking Your Friends and Family About You

In a situation whereby your ex sees your companions, do they ask about you? Do they inquire as to whether you’re seeing any other person?

Assuming your ex appears to be energetic and keen on finding out with regards to what you’re doing, then, at that point, clearly your ex actually cares deeply about you.

At the point when a relationship closes, the vast majority continue on and don’t invest energy contemplating their ex.

All things considered, that is normally the most effective way to move past someone you cherish.

9. You Oftentimes Meet Each Other

Have you met your ex at least a few times and you have lost rely on how often you both have startlingly met one another? It may be in a coffeehouse, regular food items store, park, or the metro. 

In this situation, don’t think he or she is following you; your ex simply needs to see you. You generally meet at the coffeehouse since your ex knows the time you get your espresso, your ex knows when you load up a train and can’t avoid meeting you there. 

This is a decent sign since your ex isn’t following you but simply needs your consideration, for you to notice and see that you’re needed back and can say it.

10. Engaging You on Social Media

If your ex constantly likes or comments on your posts via social media and will have you on the entirety of his web-based media accounts. 

Your ex will likewise attempt to pass messages to you in a roundabout way by posting how he or she is single and how he or she has not been alright since your breakup. 

This is an exceptionally solid sign that your ex needs you back and this is quite possibly the clearest sign.

In Conclusion

You’ve learned the top signs your ex wants you back. It is now left for you to decide if you want to go back into the relationship or move on with your life.