Top 15 Flirty and Dirty Things to Ask Your Crush

Do you know there are dirty things to ask your crush that will make you love each other more than ever before? Without a doubt, flirting with your crush is one of the most enjoyable experiences in the world.

Having a crush on someone is both entertaining and terrifying. Yes, it’s very normal to be scared when interacting with your crush or to forget your words when you’re trying to get to know them better. 

But don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of 15 dirty questions to ask your crush. And guess what? Asking these questions will get you more attracted to him.

In fact, if you use any of them in a single chat, it can build a feeling of love between the two of you even if you’re total strangers.

Not only that. These crush questions will reveal whether or not this person is good for you. Yes, very sure.

The reality is that you expose things about your beliefs, morals, lifestyles, long-term aspirations, short-term goals, and more when you ask questions. 

So I’m about to show you priceless information that will reveal whether this person is crush-worthy for you or not.

The question now is, are you ready for it?

If yes, then here are top flirty questions to ask your crush:

What’s the name of your first love?

Memories, memories, memories! Allow them to open up about their former love, why they’re special, what didn’t work, and more if they’re willing to talk about it. However, if they’re willing to share, be ready to reciprocate!

When was the first time you kissed?

Sure, depending on what else you’ve already placed out there, this one can be a bit cutesy, but it can be an occasion to share a hilarious or embarrassing event from your adolescence with each other, which will only bring you closer.

Is there really anything you wouldn’t do if you were in bed?

Yes, it’s one of the juicy questions to ask a guy. But it’s also a good idea to set certain limits. It’s generally advisable to know if there’s anything your crush isn’t allowed to do before you get intimate.

What was your first experience with sex like?

This question will not only allow you to relate a possibly embarrassing memory, but it will also reveal how your crush defines sex in general. Is it penetration? Or is it foreplay? It’s time to give them a chance to speak.

How frequently do you experience stress?

Let’s face it, the world may be a stressful place. That means you’ll be eager to know how your crush deals with life’s ups and downs. Your compatibility could be off if each of your coping techniques clashes.

What qualities do you seek in a partner?

Yes, you’ve had a crush on them for a long time, but now’s the time to find out the truth. Is it true that you’re exactly what they’re seeking in a partner?

It may be difficult to hear at first if both of you don’t connect on this level. But to be honest, it’s best to get things out of the way sooner rather than later.

What do you value in a relationship?

What they value in a relationship is a fantastic question to ask a crush, in my opinion. You can figure out where they stand in terms of their principles and what matters to them in their romantic lives. Hopefully, your values are in harmony as well.

What types of toys do you like to play within your room?

There’s always room to get a little more sexual with your questions if you’re ready. Are you someone who likes to go for a walk on the wild side? To spice things up and make yourself distinctive, bring up the subject of sex. Noted?

Do you want something serious or something fun right now?

Yeah, I know it’s one of the dirty questions to ask your crush. You want to know if your crush is searching for a casual friendship or something more serious. That way, you’ll be able to set reasonable expectations, knowing whether they’re serious or looking for something more casual.

What do you consider to be your best achievement?

It’s one of the juicy questions to ask a guy. We all enjoy being asked questions about our emotional experiences. It could be something in your life that you’re proud of, such as one of your biggest achievements. This question allows them to brag a little, allowing you to be impressed by their abilities, whatever those abilities may be.

What are your ambitions over the next few years?

This isn’t a job interview, by the way. And you surely don’t want it to come off as such! However, it’s crucial to know where your crush foresees themselves in the future. And whether there’s room in their plans for you.

What is your most humiliating experience?

Unless they’re afraid to tell you, this type of question reveals a lot about how individuals deal with their fears, shame, and embarrassment. There’s no reason for either of you to feel awful about sharing these awkward moments.

What happened in your previous relationship?

Perhaps a topic like this is a sensitive one for them. However, if the conversation is going in the correct direction, it can be appropriate to jump the gun and ask. Is it true that they were dumped? 

Are they worried about making a commitment? Maybe they’re completely absorbed in their work? You’re going to find out eventually, so why not ask them right now?

How did you feel about me at first?

Is there a lot of emphasis on them in the conversation? If that’s the case, try to measure their interest in learning more about you. Talk about their initial impressions of you and whether you are different from who they imagined you to be in real life.

Is there anything else you’d want to know about me?

Now is the time to hand the ball on to them. Allow them to ask anything and everything about you if you’ve been leading the discussion with your questions. It’s only right!

In Conclusion

Remember, honesty is always the best policy. Don’t feel obligated to answer, question, or say anything you don’t want to. Flirt to your comfort level, and don’t be afraid to tell them if they’ve passed a line. 

After all, there’s nothing more attractive than someone who understands and respects their personal boundaries. Now that you’ve learned romantic questions to ask your boyfriend, my challenge to you is, to go give it a try!