Top 15 Questions to Ask Your Crush Girl

If you’re looking for questions to ask a crush girl, look no further. Whether you are going on a first date with your crush or not, you’ll need to know what to say to avoid having a boring time together. Sometimes, it is hard to start a conversation especially if you don’t know much about your crush.

Here in this article, I will present to you, a list of questions to start a deep conversation so you could build rapport and get to know your crush much more.

Sometimes, talking to your crush can be terrifying. If you’re someone who loses out on what to say when you’re talking to your crush, or you get terrified when you’re trying to know them better. Don’t worry, these questions will help you and you’ll never run out of words. In fact, you’ll be able to make a girl blush and attract her more

As I am going to show you in this article, there are questions to start a deep conversation with your crush. Both of you will enjoy having such a conversation initiated by your questions. And she will always want to meet you again, just to have another memorable conversation with you.

Here are the top 15 questions to ask a crush girl…

1. What do you do for a living?

So it’s crucial to understand your potential partner’s line of work. Although it may seem like a simple question, it really says a lot about your crush as a person. They might not be for you if you don’t like their line of employment.

2. Where do you think you would most want to live?

If you want questions to start a conversation, here is one of them. Every girl has a dream city they have fantasized to live for many years. For instance, if you reside in Georgia, you could ask “Is Georgia your favorite place to live? Do you like staying in this location or would you wish to relocate someday? 

It will allow you to know more about some of her aspirations for the future, which is essential if you’re considering dating her. Try to see why she enjoys a particular city, location, etc.

3. What do you think about just before sleeping?

This is one of the fantastic questions to start a conversation that is deep and profound. Although you aren’t asking them outright whether they have a crush on anyone, the outcome will be similar. You are giving your crush the opportunity to inform you if they have a special someone who is constantly in their thoughts. They most certainly have feelings for you if they admit to thinking about you.

4. What is the most significant thing in your life at the moment?

You can find out about your crush’s short-term plans for their life might be learned by asking her what she values right now. She could say, gathering the courage to do something. You can ask more to learn what that thing actually is. Keep in mind that this is also one of the questions to ask a crush over text or on phone. So, it’s not limited to physical meetings alone.

5. How can you tell if you’ve fallen in love?

With this question, you are essentially offering your crush a chance to express their feelings for you. If they’re ready to share, they’ll either give you a hint or come right out and say it.

6. Is there anything that frightens you?

This might be a lighthearted or serious question because most of us have both silly and irrational worries. She’s likely going to open up to you about things she fears. For example, she could talk about how she screams when she sees a spider and has to call his little brother to help her catch the spider.

7. What are the top three things you would do if you had unlimited time and money?

Again, asking a question like this might give a good indication of the person’s true nature and top priorities. It enables you to determine whether your worldviews and personalities are compatible.

8. What are your top three weekend activities?

Also, this is one of those questions to ask a crush over text or even on the phone. You can know more about someone by asking this question about their true personalities and interests. If your crush responds with “nothing” or “I just sleep and watch TV,” it could be that they don’t want to talk to you or aren’t a fascinating person.

Come to think of it, if you plan on spending more time with them, you’ll want to find out what they do especially on weekends. You can compare your leisure hours with them to know if you’re compatible.

9. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

This is one of the questions through which you can know someone’s emotional experiences. By asking your crush this question, you are giving her the opportunity to talk about something they are proud of. This also gives her the opportunity to brag a little bit, which means you can be impressed by her skills and abilities.

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10. What’s your greatest sexual fantasy?

What are the questions to ask someone you like? Here is one of them. As long as you feel like the relationship is “there” at this point, ask them this odd question to learn more about their desires. You’ll discover more about their sexual preferences and whether you click with them.

11. Do you prefer long-term relationships or casual dating?

Here is a good question to determine whether you and your partner are on the same page. Even if you think your crush is attractive, the relationship won’t work out if one of you is interested in serious dating while the other is only searching for something casual. So you need to find out if you’re both seeking the same kind of relationship.

12. What is a gift that you have always wished to receive?

It can tell you a lot about the things your crush values, so if you were to go all out and get them a gift, you’d know just what to purchase them. It’s one of the ways to get your partner to feel loved.

13. When did you get your first kiss?

Depending on what else you’ve said, this one can be a little bit romantic, but it might be a chance to share a funny or embarrassing experience from your youth with each other, which will only strengthen your relationship.

14. Do you want your parents’ kind of relationship?

Whatever their response, it will reveal exactly what they have in mind for themselves in terms of romantic relationships, marriage, and a life partner. 

You’ll know they might have commitment issues if they claim they don’t believe in marriage because of XYZ. You’ll know that they want to build a strong connection and will put forth a lot of effort to keep it going if they recognize certain problems in their parents’ marriage and express a desire to try to avoid them.

15. What qualities do you seek in a partner?

Here is one of the questions to ask someone you like. Yes, you’ve had a crush on them for some time. Now it’s time to reveal your true feelings. Are you really the kind of partner they’re looking for? It can be difficult to hear at first if you guys don’t click on this level. But to be honest, it’s best to resolve things now rather than later.

In Conclusion

Those are the questions to ask a crush girl. Keep in mind that if you want to kick up your flirt game and take it one step further, there’s only one way to go: ask the best questions that aim to discover more about her. Make sure that you’re really listening to the answers she gives you. You will continue to build intimacy with her by staying curious about her likes and dislikes and what makes her tick. And that can lead to a healthy and long-lasting relationship between both of you.