Topics To Talk About On A First Date

Your first date is finally fixed, leaving you with a thrilling and jittery feeling and packs of unanswered questions like;

  • What am I going to wear,
  • How best should I look?
  • How should I act?
  • What do I say when I get to meet with him/her
  • What should we talk about?

Well, I need you to slow down sweetheart, take a deep breath and relax your nerves, because your friends @plentytori got you covered. So if you are just getting back out there after a breakup or divorce, or you’re meeting someone new, these 13 topics to talk about on a first date will help you run along just fine and also prevent your first date from getting boring.

Before we jump right into it, let’s take a look at a few things you should pay attention to before going on a date.

Before You Go On That First Date 

Ask yourself how you want to be seen, handsome? Beautiful? Intelligent? How?

We humans oftentimes conclude on a person just by judging his/her overall look. You do it too, sometimes unconsciously, now that’s the same way your date will assume things if you dress just anyhow. 

Your look will always leave a first impression and beauty is popularly said to be in the eyes of the beholder. Since we are mostly addressed and perceived based on how we look, take care to look GOOD. This stretches out to how your hair, face, clothes, shoes, etc. looks and then how you smell. Take care to communicate how you want to be addressed to your date with your whole appearance. Now that we have that sorted let’s move over to the next…

13 Topics To Talk About On A First Date

Conservations start off after you have met your date, sat down, and are on the verge of getting to know each other right? Well since this is basically you two getting to know and understand each other, these topics to talk about on a first date will definitely come in handy… Take care to memorize them so that they seem natural when you ask leggo…

1. Background

Getting to know your date’s background goes a long way in helping you both connect. Hearing them discuss their childhood, what they did for fun, educational journey, etc is a good way to catch up with their past and understand who they are easily. Watch them recall these moments with smiles. Don’t forget to share yours too and get connected to your date.

2. What is your favorite place to visit

Talking about this on a first date is pretty cool. It lets you know where your date connects to, feels at ease, and is comfortable being in. Some people like the riverside, beaches, mountain tops, traveling to a particular city, or even the woods. Get to know why your date has chosen these places and you know, get talking.

3. Random things about you

Getting to know some random things about your date is something fun to talk about on a first date. For example, a random thing about your date can be “He/She has never eaten Shawarma, Grape, Maize or has never been to the Dance Hall”. Getting to know this about your date can easily spur up a conversation about trying out new things and possibly a second date. 

4. What puts you off 

This is actually a good topic to talk about on a first date. It lets you know some of the things that your date doesn’t approve of, for instance, it can be Bad Breadth, Procrastination, Lateness, Dis-Orderliness and etc. Now talking about this lets you know the kind of person your date is, if you both are a good match, and exactly how to follow him/her.

5. Describe your perfect pay

Talking about this topic on your first date gives you an insight into what your date would call a perfect day. And just in case you intend to organize another date, some of the things to sprinkle in to give them a perfect day that will blow their mind. Don’t forget to click save on your head when your date makes a list of these things.

6. Favorite Movie/Book/Food

This is a very great topic to talk about, as movie dates can spur out of this, talk about a favorite movie of all time, favorite actor and actress, etc. Since reading has been said to be one of the ways to stimulate growth and stretch one’s imaginations. Talking about your date’s favorite book lets you know how your date imagines things, also talk about your favorite book, favorite writer, etc. For favorite food well it will give you an insight into what your date likes to eat.

7. How do you spend your holidays

Get to know if your date enjoys family time, a time out with friends, grooving all the way, or shopping with this question. Talking about how your spend’s his/her holidays on your first date will put you through how to come in if, for example, you intend to spend one of their holidays with them.

8. What Does Your Music Playlist Look Like

Our music playlist has a way of showing the kind of person we’re, you can attest to this right? You both can exchange and talk about your favorite artist, favorite songs, favorite album, and etc. Get to know if you both love the same genre of music. You can even propose another date by talking about going to a concert of your artists together, brilliant isn’t it.

9. What do you do for a living

Talking about this takes you into your date’s work life. You definitely want to know what your date is doing for a living, and in discussing this you’ll get to know if you both have something in common, what their passion is and their level of commitment to their job, etc. You never can tell your jobs might complement each other. If peradventure they aren’t passionate about their job, you can ask what their dream job is and let your date take you to the future with him/her. 

10. What is your genotype

This topic can be on a maybe, though it actually should be one of the things you both should talk about on your first date especially if you both intend to enter a long-term relationship. You never can tell how your conversation can progress, if you just want to be friends you can skip anyway.

11. What are your core values

Core values are the beliefs and principles of the person. And talking about this on your first date is definitely all shades of correct. It gives you a deeper understanding of who your date is. Both of you might have alike core-values or not, you never can tell. 

12. Role Model/ Coach/ Mentor

Talking role models, coaches, and mentors with your date gives you a peep into knowing how they think and how they behave. Who you listen to has a lot to do with how one behaves and sees things, you never can tell, you both might have these people in common.

13. Their 5-year plan

As intimidating and intruding this topic might sound, it actually is a great one to talk about on a first date. It will tell you if your date is someone who’s conscious of their future. Some people are scared of thinking about their future, while some get excited at the thoughts of theirs. Talking about this will get you to know the kind of person your date is. You can start first with finding out what his/her talent is, how they intend to develop it, and then their 5-year plan. Soft landing right?


There you got it… 13 Topics To Talk About On A First Date and get to know your date better. Though first dates seem to be hard, it is just all about getting to know the person you’re on a date with. Take care not to turn it into a question and answer section as this will spoil the whole idea. Deliberate on each topic as long as possible and move to the next before your date gets bored… Also watch your date’s mood, tone, etc.