Ways To Know If A Girl Loves You

Ways To Know If A Girl Loves You

Telling if a girl loves you is not always easy because she might not want to open up her mouth and confess her feelings to you straight up. The reasons why this happens can be as a result of her not being sure you feel the same way towards her, or she’s just shy to say it first, it also can be because she’s confused and undecided, might also not want to miss out on the great friendship that you both currently have.

Whichever one it is, girls generally show acceptance through their body language, and in trying to know if a girl loves you, you need to pay attention to signs that can pinpoint to you that she does.

Now that I’ve let you in on that secret let’s take a look at 10 ways to know if a girl loves you let’s go…


1. Her Body Language

Generally, our body language is sometimes uncontrollable. It leaves one acting or reacting subconsciously to a particular thing when attention is not paid to it which is why it is one of the best ways to know if a girl loves you.

The thing is when the lady likes you and she’s trying not to show it, her body language will give her off, you’ll find her staring or stealing glances at you and tilting her head in the process, you’ll notice her leaning on you whenever you both are together or even offering to hold hands with you.

Most times you find her touching you more frequently than usual or some other funny ones like playing with her hair jewelry etc. Take notes of these signs because they are green signs 80% of the time.

2. She Compliments You Often

When a lady loves you, be rest assured that everything and anything you do will attract you compliments, she just can’t stay without giving you compliments, and most of the time complimenting you is her own way of acknowledging you knowing fully well that it will make you happy. 

Pay close attention when next a girl you love compliments you easily, it obviously means that she likes or loves you.

3. She Laughs At Your Jokes Whether Dry Or Not

If this girl you love laughs at your jokes at will, that’s a way to know she loves you. When she laughs at all that you say even when no one else finds it funny then that’s it because a girl that loves you will show you support in the littlest way possible. Now if this action is backed up with some other tips here then guy, stop delaying yourself… She loves you already… Ask Her Out!!!

4. She Shares Her Excitements With You

When a girl loves you, she will willingly share everything and anything about herself with you. She automatically gains the best friend spot and she will find it easy to talk to you most especially if you’re the type of guy who is willing to listen to her. She shares things like her playlist with you, her movie preferences, sometimes basically her whole life.

5. She Likes What You Like

The idea of you liking some of the things that interest her will automatically bend her to like some of your interests and willingly too. For instance, if there’s a particular dress you compliment her on, she has a tendency of wearing it again for occasions just because you like it.

6. She Enjoys Having Late-Night Conversations With You

Late-night conversations have been said to be something every girl likes and when a girl loves you, she will be willing to talk hours into the night with you non-stop. You’ll find her eager to sacrifice sleep to gossip and discuss silly things with you.

7. Her Friends Know About You

When a lady likes you, be rest assured that her friends already know about you even without meeting with you. This is because they are the ones with her most of the time and even if she doesn’t go telling them about you, they would have noticed the differences in her moods and talked about you.

8. She Sacrifices Her Time For You

A lady who likes you doesn’t mind spending her time with you because she knows that spending time with you lets her know more about you and tells you she’s interested in you silently. You will find her willingly giving in to spending time with you with very silly excuses for doing so especially if that’s not what she’s known for normally.

9. She Displays A Hint Of Jealousy

Jealousy is something that you should look out for in a girl that loves you, she wouldn’t want you to give your attention to someone, she’ll always be interested in knowing things about you, like how you’re going to spend your day most especially, who you’re spending it with, etc.

10. She Buys You Gifts

Gifts are one way to get to the heart of someone you love and when you receive a gift from a girl you love, that’s a major sign she loves you too. She will be willing to give you anything, she will always want to know what you lack so she can get it for you, she will willingly buy things for you as seeing you happy will be 1 of her greatest desires.


It is very important you take note of these 10 Ways To Know If A Girl Loves You because when these signs are giving off returning them goes a very very long way and cementing the newly found relationship. Be sure to check if the girl displays more than one of these signs anyway so you will be sure.



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