What Are The 5 Ways To Show Love To Your Partner

Telling your partner “I Love You” is a  very important way to show love to your partner but do you know what’s more important? It is showing them that you really do. Yeah! The truth is words are easy to come by nowadays, they can be crammed, studied, faked but actions aren’t. 

Though you might say how about a few that do fake their actions well, I can tell you that there are always red flags to take note of in their faked actions. The only reason why they do so well in faking actions is that most of the time we create excuses for these red flags.

When your partner shows you they love you without even saying a word, with little acts like paying attention to details, gifts, listening to you attentively, spending time with you,  etc. You will not only feel special, but you’ll also sense the vulnerability, passion, vibe, and commitment in their actions. 

True isn’t It? While you think that through let’s quickly take a look at some of the ways to show love to your partner leggo…

5 Ways To Show Love To Your Partner


1. Words Of Affirmation

5 Ways To Show Love To Your Partner-Words Of Affirmation

This is one way to show love to your partner that is often under-practiced. Most of the time we feel it is by singing “I Love You” to your partner every second no, it means dishing out words in the form of encouragement, appreciation, support, and compliments to your partner as often as possible. The thing is different individuals have different ways they interpret love and if your partner draws out emotions from words using harsh derogatory words on them will gradually sink your relationship. 

2. Gifts And Surprises

5 Ways To Show Love To Your Partner - Gifts and surprises

Inasmuch as everyone loves to be gifted, some people interpret gifts as love and that’s their love language. Now, these kinds of people appreciate gifts as little as flowers, brooch, hairpins, etc. with so much affection that you may never imagine, and that is the only way to show love to them. Pull a surprise on them with large sizes of gifts and see them gushing all over you. 

3. Acts Of Kindness

5 Ways To Show Love To Your Partner-Acts of Kindness

This way to show love involves action strictly. For people who this is their love language, showering them with gifts and compliments will not move them. They feel loved when their partner willingly partakes in activities that will help them ease stress. To this kind of people, helping them do the dishes, cutting the lawn grass, opening the car door, or even helping them carry some of their loads signifies to them that you love them.

4. Quality Time

5 Ways To Show Love To Your Partner-Quality Time

For individuals who spending quality time with them is the way to show love to them, they interpret your undivided attention, devotion, and focus on them as love. When you do little things like switch off the television, your phone, or any other lurking distraction only to focus on having a conversation with them, you feel loved. So if your partner is the kind of person that loves you to give him/her your undivided attention when you both talk, loves to take a walk just for you both to have time alone then there you have it that’s your partner’s love language.

5. Touch

5 Ways To Show Love To Your Partner-Touch

This way of showing love to your partner includes hugs, giving a back rub, a foot massage, holding hands, kisses, and other types of touches. Just like the other love languages, people interpret love with touch and don’t feel love when you practice any of the listed above unless you touch them physically whether when you both are indoors or outdoors hanging out with friends. 

In Conclusion

Understanding how your partner feels love goes a long way to strengthening your relationship with your partner as well as help you ease frustration and misunderstanding in your relationship. These 5 Ways To Show Love To Your Partner will stand out to help you observe your partner, you can go all-in with trying out all 5 of them to see the one your partner responds to more and take note of them as most of us have more than one love language. 



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