What Ladies Want To Hear From A Man? 6 Major Things!

It is quite normal for guys to wonder what ladies want to hear; ladies could be very unpredictable, sometimes. If you’re really looking up to know some things she wouldn’t shrug to hear, at any point in time, as long as you’re not lying to keep her happy, then you must read the following list of what ladies want to hear from a man. Well, to be more realistic here, while a few may not be entirely true, at least sometimes, you have to say them to keep her happy anyway. Read on and you’ll get to know what she wants to hear from a man. Winks!

1. Compliments

Tell her how beautiful her hair is, how beautiful that dress is or how beautiful she looks all together. Compliment her anytime she makes an effort to look good for you. It’s like giving fish water! Ladies want to know that they look very hot to their man. Compliments are what ladies want to hear each time they are ‘properly’ dressed. You don’t want to deny her your words if you really want her happy.

2. I love you

The importance of this phrase cannot be overemphasized. You know this can do a lot of magic and gives that magic reassurance that she is not wrong about being in a relationship with you. You should tell her how much you love her often. That’s what she wants to hear.

3. I’m here for you

A simple sentence, as it is, that’s what ladies want to hear from a man.  Every lady wants her knight in shining amour of her charming prince. You must think we’re going down all fairy tales but in reality, they do. In her darkest nights, she needs a man to stand by her; she needs shoulders to cry on. Someone to tell all her problems, and be assured he would handle them tactically, calmly or aggressively. She needs some shield and this simple statement tells her that.

4. I’ll give you money

Oh, my! Be careful when saying this, you know why? Because she’s going to make sure that you keep to your words when it comes to money.  To ask if this is what she wants me to tell her would be simply stating the obvious. A man I know would say, “If you want to make a woman happy, give her money, give her money and just give her money. I mean, keep giving her money”. Say it to delight her, and then, do it!

5. I don’t want you for sex

Though we know this isn’t exactly true, you’ll make her feel at peace with you. She might be a little skeptical at first after hearing this but she too knows you want sex.  Saying you don’t want that alone, gives her some kind of cool over you and she gets to know that you want her long term. You will get her trust but be sure to keep to it.

6. I’ll take you to my family

This is one thing she is eager to hear in your normal conversations with her because she wants to know if you’re really serious with her or you’re a scum, just as her friends may have told her that most guys are. You may be wondering why she would want you to say those words. The reason is that: every lady wants and ultimate commitment in their relationships and one of the ways you of giving her that is by giving her the ring. Don’t tell her this if you’re not ready, she shouldn’t feel so loved up if you’ll leave her anyway.

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