What ladies want in a relationship?

What do ladies want in a relationship? If you’re one of those who have really been trying to crack down the mind of the lady you’re dating, crushing on, or you’re a lady who’s equally wondering what you should expect from your relationship, just read on. Also, if you’re about to start dating someone there’s one thing to learn: dating isn’t just for fun.

Here is a list of what ladies want in their man.

1. Companionship

Anyone that’s ready to date can relate to this. Dating isn’t just a waste of time but the intimacy of two hearts. So, if they agree to date you, they definitely want your company. For some ladies, one of the best ways to get at them is to not talk to them. Your company is what ladies want before anything else.

2. Compliments

 Ladies would always want to know what you think about them. They want to know if you think they’re hot, beautiful and sexy, have a good shape and all that. Most ladies would take your lack of compliments to mean that you don’t care or you don’t give them attention enough to notice how they look.  And that takes us to the next on our list of what ladies want in a man.

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3. Attention

Yeah, the above two are all part of attention, but I must call it by its name.  Aside from compliments and companionship, attention is what women want in their man.  They want a man who would pay close attention to their needs. Be it the kids, her car, her family and all of those little things. If you’re able to consider these things you’ll be getting the best woman in the world. Yes, women who are very emotional would want to return the favor – love.

4. Money

Don’t get lost and don’t get deceived, every lady wants a man who can give her some bucks, regardless of how rich she is. This gives ladies some kind of security that the man can actually take good care of them and the family, i.e. if the relationship is in that direction.  Most rich ladies would prefer richer men.  It just proves that you really care about them.

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5. The ring

Okay, this is for some kind of homely ladies, anyway. ‘Every lady’ has a dream of settling with a man of her own someday. If you have been together for some time and she begins to act all cranky without saying what she really wants. Note this, please! She wants a reassuring commitment.  And if this isn’t coming fort, she will remain uncomfortable. Some ladies will ask you some questions like “babe, where is this relationship leading to?” When are we seeing your mom? When she begins to ask questions like this, stop looking further, the ring is ultimately what she wants.


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