What Makes A Successful Relationship?

Chances are that when this question-what makes a successful relationship- is asked to a lot of people, the answers sure to be heard will be love. In the initial stage, two people fall in love and can’t get enough of each other. Then later, it turns out that there are discoveries and the fights begin. Would love be enough to weather whatever storm the couples go through to have a lasting and successful relationship? Truth is no, love is never enough. Other very vital factors must come into play else the love felt would diminish at the smallest of troubles.


It is very normal for romantic relationships to go through ups and downs, and they all take effort, commitment, and willingness to work it out. As long as the health of your relationship is important to you, you’re going to have to give it your attention. So, when there is an issue in one’s relationship, realizing and fixing the little problems/issues often helps prevent it from getting big in later times. 

Part of what defines a successful relationship is understanding that you share a common goal for what you want the relationship to be, and where you want it headed. How do you know you share a common goal? This is something you’ll only know by being open and talking deeply with your partner.

Essential Elements to Make a Relationship Successful

There are characteristics that successful relationships have in common. Knowing these essentials can help have a meaningful, fulfilling, and long-lasting relationship. They are very vital factors that must come into play, they help preserve the love that couples share, and also keep romantic relationships healthy.

1. Trust

This is what makes a relationship strong. It is the foundation. It means you can rely on your partner, confide in them, feel secure that they’re loyal to you. If partners do not trust themselves enough, it gives room for doubt in everything they do. No one who’s in love deserves to be worried about what their partners do, or might be doing behind their back when they’re not around or watching. So, when there’s nothing to hide, there’s never going to be a reason for doubts.

2. Respect

One of the essentials to make a successful relationship is respect. Loving someone for who they are, would bring about respect for them. A relationship involves two different individuals in love, who share almost different views and opinions on things. Having mutual respect would see that relationship go very far. It is always advisable to choose words carefully especially with regards to conversations involving varying opinions, maintain and respect boundaries, and avoid doing things that would hurt a partner’s feelings. 

3. Communication

Good communication is a vital part of a long-lasting relationship. Generally, lack of communication brings about disconnection, so when there’s lots of it, working through problems is easier. Talking can be difficult for some but making an effort to speak clearly about what you need or want would help the one you love to understand you better. It is better to not assume they know what you are thinking, but instead, express your thoughts and needs directly so there is no confusion as they are no mind readers. Nonverbal cues are another way a partner could convey their feelings and communicate. They can be facial expressions, gestures, postures, and even eye contact. Knowing your partner’s body language helps with effective communication and would help you in also responding accordingly. 

4. Acts of Kindness

It’s always the little things that count. Although insignificant, they sure never forget the little things done for them. This is a great way to let your partner know that you care for them and would do anything to see them smile and be happy. They, in turn, would reciprocate such gestures and you’ll realize these are what creates the strong bonds needed for a long-lasting relationship

5. Forgiveness

No one is perfect, and as humans, we tend to make mistakes. Forgiveness involves feeling less negatively towards your partner. Having to let go of grudges, leaving anger and bitterness, less hunger/desire for retaliation, vengeance, and revenge is what forgiveness is all about. And then replacing it with empathy especially when they are genuinely sorry for their actions.

There would be ups and downs in relationships. Issues would come up, but what is important is how much you value the love and relationship. These essentials together with love would help in navigating through the hurdles to ensure a successful and long-lasting relationship