Why girls don’t like me? Reasons and tips

If you’ve ever asked yourself or someone “why girls don’t like me,” then it’s easier to understand that even as everyone is unique, there are basic qualities every woman requires from a potential boyfriend or partner. People are attracted by qualities! And if you can’t beat the standard behind your back, you’d simply grow the chances of cheerful lonely nights or 5 stars win from ladies outside your net. What’s the challenge and how can you fix it? It’s possible that the following reasons are why girls don’t want to date you.

You don’t always look good

Not like you must be rich. Looking good is a character and you should be able to look good. Some guys really do not know how to do this. You leave your beard unshaven, can’t combine simple matching colors for your outfit, you don’t smell fresh or you have a bad breath and doing nothing about it. These are some of the things that create a first impression and if you don’t get them right, it’s enough reason, no lady would listen to what you’ve got to say.

You are boring

Have seen your play boy friends? They know how to make ladies laugh. Guys who are not boring know what ladies want to hear and would tweak their expressions to properly fit in. If girls don’t want to date you, you should check to see if you are lively around her. You don’t have to talk her into your offer all the time. Sometimes, just make her feel comfortable and laugh, take her out to places she’d like to go. To put it simple, show her that you could be her man. And at a point, you won’t even recall how you guys started dating.

Playful men easily win the approval of girls. Make out time for jokes. Source: GettyImages

You are stingy

You can’t be too tight with money and be wondering why girls don’t like me. Ladies love material things! That doesn’t make her materialistic or a gold digger. Ladies are generally designed that way, no matter how rich she is, all women love lots of gifts. In fact, most women consider men who are able to spend on them as those who are really into them.  Don’t shy away anytime the need to spend money arises. This is one of the things all ladies love in their man.

You are difficult

Some guys are just too difficult. You don’t expect a girl to date you when you don’t recognize that she is a human being too.  A lady once told me how a guy she wanted to date will call her on the phone and tell her “I want you at my house NOW’’. Not later but NOW and if she doesn’t make it, he gets angry. That attitude is off. No lady would want to be with an overly possessive man no matter how dumb she is.

You talk too much

We all know most ladies are talkative.  Ladies do not want another lady as their man. They want someone who would act and not talk. They want someone who would not nag them to death. A man who talks too much is no lady’s man except you’re aiming to be her BFF.

Actions are better descriptions of a man. Not vocals.

You haven’t asked

Even in twenty first century, many women have been seen proposing to men and asking them out.  But a great number of ladies still won’t do that. Sometimes, it may not be that girls don’t want to date you, but that you haven’t asked them out and they may actually be feeling the same way about you. So, would you stop wondering why girls don’t like me and ask them out?


Most men do not know how to approach a lady. Don’t be worked up. If you’re nervous or too pushy about it, ladies will notice. Do not rush her. Take things slow and don’t give her the impression that you’re only after the cookie. Above all, you don’t want to quit trying. Cheers!!!