The Wife I Never Had: Chapter 2

The Wife I Never Had Chapter 2

After about 20 minutes wait, with my belly aching with hunger, the door finally swung open and she came straight into my embrace.

Seeing how hungry I was, there was no need to waste time, she just dropped her bag and we headed straight out for the cafeteria.

On Friday after we had done laundry together, Hunger had set in and with my wallet dry, I thought it wise to send her back to her hostel so she doesn’t join me in my Starve-mania.

Me : Babe how far, how much remain for that money sef ?

Her : Bobo na 80 Naira oooooo (came her reply).

Me : Oya comot N50 make you transport go back school.

Her : No e no go pure naa, My Papsi say im go send small Kohdosh(money) enta my account this afternoon, as here near town so, e go make sense make I wait make the alert show, then with this card we go rush go ATM sharpali (She kissed her ATM card as she spoke).

Me : Omo eh, as you show eh e dey pain me sef say we don even chop your own remaining money join, my fear now be say, if ur Paleh(Dad) no come shake body today eh, you sabi say na big Yawa for u unto say na weekend we dey chuk head enta so oooo.

Her : No dat one no fit happen naaa, Papsi assure me say na confirm say this afternoon pepper go rest, if we go ATM finish eh make we from there enter market go buy provs (provisions) and u sef go chuk hand for the money take go meet your people for Aba make dem find you small something as e be say I don check your cupboard nothing dey am and shi-shi no come gum your pocket, meanwhile wear polo make u escort me go buy sugar and groundnut make we finish d last otoh(Garri) wey dey first.

Me : Where you see money for sugar and Groundnut ?

Her : na d remaining money naa, Eh heh 8 pure water sef still dey remain for the half bag wey we carry come for night so we no go buy water.

Me : dis pikin u no dey hear word, make you come run go back school, if the alert show u go withdraw for school enter back town. Dis money now na your T-Fare ooooo. U fit carry d Otoh(Garri) go sef, everly you go fit see sugar for una corner for hostel.

Her : Bobo wetin you go come chop naa?

Me: No worry I go manage.

Her : Guy see make I tell u, dat hostel no dey sweet me as exam dey so. U sabi say everybody dey go class go jack, if no be say I still get one paper wey remain on tuesday, I for don pack come here oooo, so no dey pursue me go school, abi anoda babe wan bring food come for you ? (She teased)

Me : U see am, e don turn to say I wan carry babe abi, but you sabi say na u be my Sisi naa ( I walked to her and held her tightly from behind), I no just wan make u dey folo dey partake for my suffer.

She turned around and held me close and said in plain English;

Her : Look, from the day I said yes to you, I knew you were managing and I understand the troubles you are going through being a spill over student for the second consecutive year, and I admire your courage, but I assure you that it will all be over soon. I understand that you feel bad about it all, I going hungry in the cause of visiting you, I understand that it was what I signed up for and I’m here to support you, soon my Dad will send me some money, money that I can’t even finish making use of till the exam ends, so I elect that we share (switching back to pidgin) abi u no wan share with ur Sisi again ?

I drew her close to me and hugged her saying;

Me : Thank you Dear, I love you.

She chuclkled and repliedj

Her : I love you too.

Me : Oya make I wear polo escort u make we go buy the tins naa.

She disengaged from the hug reluctantly.

Her : Abeg Wear, Alarm don dey blow for my Belle sef.

We hurriedly rushed toward Mama Ozioma’s kiosk down the street to purchase what would make up our meal for the rest of the day.

…….. TO BE CONTINUED in the next Chapter ……….