The Wife I Never Had: Chapter 3

The Wife I Never Had
Chapter 3

We in no time settled down to business on our cherished concoction, after she had mixed the garri to rise and added the just acquired sugar and groundnut.

I guess if there were an observer in the room at that time, we would have earned great deal of pity because we hungrily swooped on the junk meal with no mercy, trying to outdo each other in the number of spoons we would collect.

Being originally an Alpha Male, I was winning the battle of “number of scoops of garri you can take”
She had to cry out !

She : Ah ah Bobo !

Me : Wetin naa ?

She : Take am easy naa, abi u no dey mercy for pesin ?

Me : abeg no paddy man in jungle oooo.

She : Wicked boy. (She playfully cried)
No be you senior me, abi you no sabi say u suppose remain for me ?

I got choked as I burst into laughter and raised my spoon in surrender, she didn’t wanna take chances and she ran off with the garri plate out of the room, bolting the door from outside incase changed my mind.

After emptying the remaining garri into her hunger beaten belly, she opened the door, ran to me, jumped on top of my back and started beating me.

Actually it was a kind of fight we enjoyed, we call it the DING DING fight. A very romantic playful fight, that usually led to some intimacy.

Me : u don drink garri get enough strength to fight me abi ? (I asked laughing, as I tried to shake her off)

Her : wicked boy, u cheat me in the garri feast and am having my own pound of flesh now. (She continued hitting me)

In a swoop, I shook her off unto the large mattress and she landed on the soft surface, grabbing a pillow ; The Pillow Fight has started.

Anyway we ended up cuddling off to sleep after the DING DING fight.

By 3:00pm we woke up and she rushed to check her phone for bank alert and it was yet to be received.

We waited patiently until an sms tone disrupted the silence in the room, she rushed to her phone but to her utter most disappointment it was her room mate sending her a please call me back sms.

She sighed loudly as she returned to the mattress.

I initiated games of Ludo and whot in a bid to distract her attention, but she would not play

By 3:45 her Dad finally called.

Her : Helo Daddy!

Her Dad : Helo angel, imee au (how are u) ?

Her : I am fine, I am already at the bank and I am yet to get an alert.

Her Dad : Kai ! That’s why I am calling my angel, I forgot to send clement to the bank and I am boarding at Sam Mbakwe for Lagos.

Her : Daddy okpom nile agwule (all my money has finished)

Her Dad : I know my dear, can you try to get back to school ? If you do just go to Professor Madu’s office after about an hour and alert me, I will call him as soon as you are there.

Her : Okay Dad.

She ends the call, her face sullen and sad, she there and then won my pity.

As soon as it was 5:00 She called her father and lied that she had been to the Professor’s office but that he had already gone home before she could get there.

We had an uneventful silent evening, punctuated intermittently by few phrases said to each other, she was not happy and her kind of person needed a lot of petting to soothe her pain.

I had to cuddle her and we both fell asleep around 9:00pm or so.

By 1:00 am on Saturday morning, I was awakened by great Hunger, Chai ! It was so unbearable that I prayed for day break to come very quickly, I watched her sleeping innocently, occasionally scanning for me across the mattress with her arms.

As soon as it was day break, I awoke to notice that I had fallen asleep on top of the chair where I sat previously after waking up earlier on, the clock was indicating that it was 7:15 am.

The Hunger returned with greater force, I couldn’t bear it any longer.
I quietly opened the door so as not to wake her up, crept out of my room and ran with my last strength towards Mama Ozioma’s Kiosk.

On getting to Mama Ozioma’s Kiosk, she was not yet out.

It was then that it dawned on me that it was environmental sanitation day and no shop was supposed to be open.

I slowly started to find my way back to my apartment wondering what next to do.

……… TO BE CONTINUED in the next Chapter………..