The Wife I Never Had: Chapter 4

The Wife I Never Had
Chapter 4

On getting back she was awake, we exchanged greetings and she let out series of yawns.

I knew there and then that the yawns were triggered by hunger.

Her : Boo, how far naa ? Where you leave me go this early morning ?

Me : I just stroll go check whether today clean up go get head.

Her : I know when u lie, wetin concern you and clean up, when you start to dey join for clean up?

Me : Haba pesin no go fit do clean up again ?

Her : Boo, e get one babe for this street wey don too eye you, u sure say no be she u go block ?

Me : Habaaa ! No naa ! Sisi which kind yarns be that naa ?

Her : Hahahahahaha ! I’m just pulling your legs abi pesin no fit follow you play ? ( She yawns again)

Me : No naa, e don dey much, u don carry style dey tell me say u no trust Me.

Her : No ooo Bobo, no be so (Yawns again) I just wake up, I no see you, I no come sabi where you put head, na as I hear sound of gate wey dem open, I come see from window as you dey enter. I been dey wonder how u carry waka.

Me : Ok I lied, I went to check Mama Ozioma.

Her : Haba, this early morning ? but She no dey owe us change naa.

Me : I been wan collect somethings on credit, later I go pay am.

Her : But you don’t have to.

Me : See oooo, wetin pesin wan chop, abi you no dey Hungry ?

Her : I dey hungry but I no want make you go dey owe people, especially all these women for street wey dey sabi gossip. Make we just dey, before clean up go (yawns) finish eh, I go don sabi wetin dey.

We both went to brush and after a while, the gates of Hunger were opened in our bellies, I watched her but she kept avoiding my eyes and yawning.

Then some minutes around after 11:00 am, She left the room and was taking long to return, I traced her to the corridor and I stopped dead cold and heart broken as I saw her Licking ToothPaste with tears freely flowing from her eyes.

Me : Chai ! Sisi am so sorry it came to this (I quickly took her into my embrace).

Her : (Sobbing) I’m so sorry, I’m so hungry and I’m trying out an old trick in my secondary school boarding house days of keeping hunger at bay with toothpaste.

I was so heart broken that I left her and dashed towards Mama Ozioma’s Kiosk ready to Beg her for bread on credit even if it meant being gossiped with.

………… TO BE CONTINUED in the next Chapter …….