The Wife I Never Had: Chapter 5

The Wife I Never Had
Chapter 5

As I rushed out of the gate and crossed the road, A Peugeot 505 salon car was approaching with its horn blaring and headlamps flashing as it drove toward my direction.

I shifted to allow it pass but it came to a halt beside me and the two occupants happened to be my friends James and Chidolue.

James : (Excited) Abobby eeeeee !!!!

Chiddolue : (Excited as well) Oh Boy where u dey put head ?

Me : (Letting out a faint smile) Mehn I dey go buy something for down the street.

James : we been dey come see you, as we don see you enter motor naa, make we kukuma buy fuel for junction.

I entered and we drove to a petrol station at the junction.

After refuelling the car, James announced that he was hungry and needed to eat at the cafeteria opposite the petrol station.

As we got there, he ordered Garri and vegetable soup and subsequently asked us to make orders for ours as well, Chidolue asked for Semo and Egusi, while I whispered into James’s ear that I needed the money meant for my own plate of food.

He still insisted that I ate.
I gladly ordered Fufu and vegetable soup.

I munched away hungrily that being the last to order I became the first to finish, James sensing how hungry I was requested that I took extra which I gladly did.

It was a Miracle to be given such a treat, but for every ball of fufu I ingested, my mind went back to my hungry girlfriend who was in my room starving, I was enveloped with guilt.
But it was a miracle I couldn’t resist.

After the meal, James promptly foot the bills and I called him aside and spoke to him.

Me : Abobby, thank you very much, u just saved a starving man

James : hahahahahaha ! Dis man sef, notin do u.

Me : Abobby, I dey broke scatter and the only help wey you go offer me now na to help me with transport make I run go house, even my babe sef dey room, shishi no gum both of us, we never chop, as una meet me eh, na credit bread I dey go collect. That time.

At that point his phone rang and he excused himself to answer the call.
That call indicated that they were to be heading to somewhere from that point.
James : (Opening his wallet, brought out N1000 and handed over to me) Abobby Hol dis one naa.

My eyes nearly popped out of my eyeballs.

Me : Abobby! Abobby !! Abobby !!! (I screamed with glee)

James : (Laughing) abeg enter motor make we drop you, Chido reverse make we go drop am before we go waka dey go.

Chidolue : I no sabi wetin una dey come go do two aside for oooo, make una no sell me oooo

We all laughed, boarded the car and sped off towards my house.

………… TO BE CONTINUED in the next Chapter …………..